Video games over the years have housed some of the scariest, most terrifying video game characters ever. We have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of some of the worst offenders and relive our top scariest enemies in video games and what makes them so damn terrifying.

The Gatherers

scary character with mask in the dark

Video Game: Amnesia
Genre: Survival Horror

Amnesia is a pretty creepy game all in all. You find yourself in a giant 18th century manor with your memory blanked.  In amongst all this are the gatherers, creatures that were previously soldiers but abandoned their post and became disfigured humanoids. They chase you through the castle, you can hide in dark spots but this will affect your sanity and eventually draw them to you. Looking at them also affects your sanity, so it’s pretty much the worst situation either way. Just hide, run, scream and hope that these terrifying enemies don’t find you in this extremely popular horror game.

Pyramid Head

scary game character with metal pyramid on head

Video Game: Silent Hill
Genre: Survival Horror

Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head is probably one of the most popular scary enemies of all time, and is now an unofficial ‘mascot’ of the SH series alongside horror games in general. His ghoulish pallor, leather apron and that helmet were the things nightmares are made of. Worst still, Pyramid Head likes to stalk you through Silent Hill 2, attacking you whenever he pleases. He is also invulnerable to player’s attacks, and will stare at you from his visor as you run like the wind. It doesn’t stop with how he looks either, the scrape sound of his sword is another rusty nightmare that just makes him all the more terrifying.

Freddy Fazbear, or basically any animatronic in Five Nights At Freddy’s.

teddy bear from five nights at freddys

Video Game: Five Nights at Freddy’s
Genre: Survival Horror

The Five Nights at Freddy’s survivial horror series saw to it that we will never think of toy animals in the same way again. Although all of the animatronics in the horror game like to kill you and stuff you into a suit, Freddy Fazbear himself is probably the most frightening of them all. He waits for you to run out of power before striking, and unlike the other animatronics, he looms in the dark spaces with his only his eyes visible. With his creepy laugh and opportunistic nature, Freddy Fazbear is no ordinary teddy bear.


brown zombie looking creature

Video Game: Legend of Zelda series
Genre: Action Adventure

The Legend of Zelda series is home to some pretty creepy stuff, but the ReDeads will always stick out as one of the scariest game character. The design, while not pleasant, could be fairly tame to some seasoned players, but that’s not what makes them scary. It’s the scream. A horrible, high pitched shriek that sends shivers down your spine and leaves Link unable to move for a minute while the ReDead slowly lumbers towards you. ReDeads are not the providers of jump scares, the terror more comes from the anticipation of one noticing you and having to hear ‘the scream’. Hold on to your controller for dear life, and get out while you can.


slenderman standing in forest

Video Game: Slender
Genre: First Person Horror

Slenderman is something of an urban legend as well as one of the scariest enemies in the horror game genre. His tall thin frame, lack of face, and tentacles which kidnap children make for a horror game fans dream, and have seen him appear in countless ‘sighting photos’, creepy pastas and even been linked to ancient history. Slenderman’s scariness is his lack of doing anything. He just looks at you and waits for you to look away. If look at Slenderman you see static, go insane, and eventually get a game over. But if you look away, he’ll get you. You can see the dilemma here.

The First Zombie

the first zombie in resident evil

Video Game: Resident Evil
Genre: Survival Horror

Resident Evil is home to many scary beings, and many are more impressive to look at than the first zombie. So why include it? Well, back in 1998 when that zombie turned around, everyone jumped out of their skin. It’s the eerie quiet, the noises of him eating flesh, and then his super dramatic look over the shoulder. Although it pales in comparison to Resident Evil games today, we will never forget the first zombie that started it all.

The Crawlers

scary baby creature in dead space

Video Game: Dead Space
Genre: Survival Horror

Babies, along with dolls and cuddly toys, have become quite the staple in popular horror games, but never lose their creepy undertone. Well, what could be scarier than a baby? A reanimated baby! The torso of a crawler is enlarged, and it has an explosive substance under its skin. It’s head and body are twisted backwards, and it moves in a caterpillar like stance. Crawlers look terrifying, but the creepiest thing is that they still sound like infants, which makes for a very unsettling game experience in Dead Space.


clickers attacking joel last of us

Video Game: The Last of Us
Genre: Survival Action

Clickers in The Last of Us are blind with super sensitive hearing, and use echo location to find their prey, resulting in them clicking. The smallest noise can let them know of your location, and that’s it, you’re a goner. The problem with these guys is you can’t rely on the usual tried and tested ‘run away’ method, as they will get you. You have to use patience and stealth, which is hard when all you can think about is ‘get me the HELL away from these things’.


scary pig in videogame

Video Game: Manhunt
Genre: Survival Horror

In amongst all the Manhunt controversy, with its gruesome themes and gory executions. The scariest game character in Manhunt is Piggsy, a mentally ill, massive psychopath who uses a chainsaw as his weapon of choice and wears a pig head mask. He doesn’t speak, only communicating in a form of grunts as he thinks he’s an actual pig, and can be seen eating human remains. Yeesh. The fight with Piggsy is one of the goriest in the survival horror game, but it’s his initial emergence that catches you off guard initially. Never fear though, once you’ve lobbed Piggsy’s hands off and sent him to his demise he can’t hurt you anymore.


black and red pattern of game boss

Video Game: Earthbound
Genre: Role-Playing Game

The thing about Gigyas is that he is such a dark creation for a non-horror game. Sure, Earthbound has a creepy underbelly, but nothing could have prepared us for the final boss. He takes on the form of woman’s reproductive system using a machine shaped like a cervix, with a face emerging. Giygas is described as too powerful for a physical body and has to be contained in the machine. You can’t beat Gigyas, Paula has to pray and reach out to others to pray, making this an even more unnerving and emotional experience. The patterns take the shape of an infant, with many fans believing this boss battle was based on a traumatic experience from designer Shigesato Itoi. The music and sound effects are unsettling and ambient, in comparison to mostly nice music from Earthbound up until this point. Giygas is incredibly scary because no one knows what he is, he is mostly up to interpretation and theories, and he remains the darkest Nintendo boss of all time.

Did we miss one of your top scariest video game enemies? Be sure to let us know your thoughts.