Finding the best gaming keyboards on the market can be a great struggle for many gamers. Some gaming keyboards feel flimsy, others feel cheap, and some are just too darn expensive. If you are looking for the best budget gaming keyboards or perhaps you want to have a slightly more expensive setup with one of the many mechanical gaming keyboards look no further!

Whether you want the best budget gaming keyboard, or maybe the best chiclet keyboard, we have it all. We carefully handpicked the top 10 gaming keyboards of 2016 for you to take your battle stations to the next level!

  1. AULA LED Backlit Budget Gaming Keyboard

AULA LED Backlit budget gaming keyboard

Price: $23.00 – $49.99
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At first glance, the AULA LED Backlit gaming keyboard would seem like a pretty generic gaming keyboard but this AULA gaming keyboard is a nice little gem you should not overlook! With over 2000 reviews on Amazon alone and a 4/5 star rating, this might actually be the best budget gaming keyboard for gamers on a tighter budget and should definitely be considered as a viable option for your battle station.

Unlike most keyboards, the AULA has a strengthened spacebar to increase its lifespan and has a sleek ultra-thin design. To make sure your gaming is not disturbed by an accidental miss-type this AULA has the option to lock the windows keys. No more sudden game minimises!

For its price, this keyboard has an incredible amount of features that come in handy, from day to day such as media keys and the previously mentioned windows key locker. You also get a keycap puller which is nice.


• Slick looking design
• Strengthened spacebar
• Cheap with lots of features
• Windows key locker
• Keycap puller included


• The return key takes getting used to


  1. CM Storm Devastator Budget Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

CM Storm Devastator gaming keyboard

Price: $27.69 – $29.99
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This Cooler Master budget gaming keyboard and mouse combo provides an affordable gaming setup for PC gamers that want sleek, high-performance gaming gear at a decent price.

This relatively cheap gaming keyboard and mouse combo comes in 3 colours (Red, Green, and Blue) and has been praised in customer reviews for a great tactile feel to the keys and responsive keystrokes make for effective use while gaming or while doing other things.

An added bonus is that you get a great gaming mouse included in the price making this set a no-brainer for any PC gamer on a budget!


• Affordable
• LED Backlights
• Keys feel mechanical
• Dedicated keys for audio control


• Keys can be difficult to see without backlight
• No way to adjust brightness of keyboard


  1. Redragon ASURA K501 Budget Gaming Keyboard

Redragon ASURA K501 cheap gaming keyboard

Price: $30.59 – $39.99
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The Redragon ASURA K501 is an insanely cool looking budget gaming keyboard that comes with 8 programmable macro keys, interchangeable arrow and WASD keys and is splash resistant. It also comes with adjustable LED backlighting and 32 different conflict free key layout options.

Though the Redragon ASURA K501 doesn’t have as many features as some of the other gaming keyboards it still is an ideal keyboard for people who just want a better gaming experience at a lower cost, rather than those wanting to become a professional Twitch streamer .


• Customizable key layouts
• Adjustable LED lighting
• Interchangeable keys
• Soft, quiet keys


• Goes out of stock quickly (Which can also be seen as a good thing)
• Wider than usual due to keys on the sides

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