After its much-anticipated launch, Tom Clancy’s: The Division has finally released on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Now that it’s up for retail, many are asking one big question: Is The Division worth buying? We are going to look at some points to help you determine if The Division is worth buying as many new games get over-hyped and fall flat.

Graphics and Atmosphere

The Division atmosphere

What you saw during the E3 is pretty much what you get. The graphics in The Division are impressive, to say the least, and the previews we saw were all true. The details found in its environments will immerse you in its post-apocalyptic storyline, making The Division feel like a world that was once lived-in in peace. Dynamic changes in its environment such as weather conditions and time make your gaming experience feel much more meaningful. What’s more, its physics on its objects are good, making The Division’s atmosphere feel alive and lived in.

Besides the text written story, Tom Clancy’s The Division also has great voice narratives that will get you more curious about what’s actually going on its world.


The Division gameplay

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s gameplay is presented similarly to Borderlands wherein loot is more focused on and multiplayer is determined on whoever comes in and out of the game, depending on your settings in-game. Utilization of your equipment and weapons are also essential especially when you reach more difficult levels and enemies.

Many players have said that playing The Division is fun and enjoyable, especially when you play along with your friends and multiplayer is one of its best and most focused on highlights. You have the ability to roam around the map freely by yourself or with other players, this could be your friends or just random strangers you meet while exploring. What you do is up to you, you could take on different missions solo or as a group in the Division and for people who just want to have some fun with their friends this is more than enough to already determine that The Division is worth the money.

Sadly for those who like playing solo, internet connection is still required to play.

One downside in The Division are the missions. Although there are a lot of them that are available for you to take, there is not much variety. Missions tend to quickly become tedious and repetitive, having the same tasks but with different enemies and objects involved. Players who still play Destiny will enjoy the Division no doubt due to its heavier focus on multiplayer.

Player vs Player (PVP)

The Division PVP

“The Dark Zone” is The Division’s PvP area where you and other players can enter to find awesome loot. Each person you encounter in this area are potentially hostile and vice versa unless you become friends and party together. Along with unfriendly players, The Dark Zone also has AI enemies that are much tougher than the ones found in other areas of the map. The Dark Zone also gives penalties to players who die which makes The Division a bit more exciting because you really need to think about your next move is you don’t want to get penalized. What makes the Dark Zone good (besides its fun PvP style) is that it provides safe rooms for you to resupply on your ammunitions and a vendor who can sell you more awesome items.

But as good as it sounds, The Dark Zone’s rogue system (A player is marked as a rogue automatically if they attack other players constantly) is somewhat unbalance. The Dark Zone is described as chaotic, having no rules and boundaries with whatever happens inside. Higher levelled players can attack lower levels and become rogues. Players who are marked as rogues also receive a higher penalty when they die. If you are considering on levelling up consistently, then The Dark Zone is not a very good place to run around in.

Aside from hunting down bosses, finding chests and killing other players in the area, there aren’t many things to do either.


  • Impressive and Immersive graphics and atmosphere
  • Loot focused gameplay
  • Equipment and Weapons heavily affect gameplay
  • Super Fun with friends
  • Not much variety in missions; repetitive
  • PvP is exciting but sometimes unbalanced

So is The Division really worth buying? So-so. It might be best to get it now to play through the original content before they unleash a horde of expansions with new content which could potentially render the old/original content useless. It is without a doubt that Ubisoft has worked intensely on Tom Clancy’s The Division, especially when building its atmosphere. But although there are a lot of good sides to it, there’s still a few things missing (we are likely to see content updates over time though). It has a lot of potential of becoming a great game, and hopefully, it will happen through upcoming updates.

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