Time to get excited folks, Titanfall 2 is coming! I mean, we knew it was coming but now it’s officially coming. A new Titanfall 2 teaser trailer has been found via an unlisted link on EA’s UK YouTube Channel, confirming the game will release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 this time and promises a worldwide reveal on June 12th, the day of EA’s new “EA Play” event they’ve started in favor of attending E3 this year.

The first Titanfall came out back in 2014, the first game from a new company filled with former Call of Duty developers. I had a blast with it, hell I still go back to it for a few games every so often. It was hella fun, even if it was a little light on content… and also a little light on the campaign. Maybe it was just a multiplayer game, but it was an incredibly fun one.

The freedom of movement, slaughtering random NPCs with the smart pistol while jumping through the air, snapping necks so hard the heads basically turn a full 180 degrees, and of course, Titans. Titanfall was insanely fun to play and all these moments made it a great game for me. The titans were easy to control, destructive and powerful in almost anyone’s hands. Titanfall was easy to get to grips with and provided me with hours and hours of fun, and I’m not even really a multiplayer guy.

Hopefully, the sequel can provide a solid single player experience this time around while still delivering a fast paced and incredibly fun multiplayer experience and OMG TITANS WITH SWORDS?! WE ABOUT TO GET ALL GUNDAM UP IN THIS MUTHA.

Prepare for Titanfall 2 pilots, I’m sure as hell ready for it. Orge Titan with Mega Punch for the win! Check out the trailer above.