Video games have always known how to touch our feelings and bring out different emotions. Some make us feel excited with a lot of adrenaline, some touch our hearts with amazing stories. Like all other art forms, video games have the ability to bring out emotion in people.

There are also video games that induce fear and paranoia. These horror games are usually dark in several ways and aim to scare you to the point of screaming your lungs out and swiflty hiding under your blankets (as PewDiePie has demonstrated many times). Despite these terrible side effects of horror games, it is still one of the biggest genres in video games.

Today, we’ll be looking at 3 of the scariest horror games that we played and are guaranteed to make you squeal.

Neverending Nightmares

Neverending Nightmare game

Developed by Infinitap Games and released in 2014, Neverending Nightmares deserves to be listed for in our top horror games list. Inspired by the developer’s actual experience with mental illness, Neverending Nightmares lets you play as a boy named Thomas who wakes up from a horrible nightmare and ends up discovering that he is still in a nightmare. Your task is to go through the depths of your nightmares, facing your demons and outrunning terrible horrors in hopes of waking up from the hellish nightmare.

Compared to many other horror video games of its time, Neverending Nightmares is a 2D side-scrolling horror game which fills up every corner of your screen with black and white. Infinitap Games designed it with sketch-like graphics, seemingly looking like it was drawn on white paper. Although very simple, Neverending Nightmares’s graphics are possibly one of its strengths. It’s simple yet gruesomely dark design plays with your mind, inducing depressive and disturbed feelings. The lack of colour in Neverending Nightmares can also signal feelings of lifelessness, melancholy, and confusion.

Although not very strong with inducing adrenaline rush (e.g. chase scenes or jump scares), Neverending Nightmares will surely make you feel like someone’s watching you as you walk through your nightmare.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill for the PS1

With its mind disturbing themes and dark atmosphere, Konami’s survival horror video game series Silent Hill has become one of the biggest names in the video game industry as well as the film industry, with the Silent Hill movie adaption.

The story starts with you playing as a man named Harry Mason who was on his way to a vacation in a placed called Silent Hill along with his young daughter, Cheryl. On their way to Silent Hill, the two found themselves in a car accident when a road cop tried to get them to pull over. Waking up after the car crash, Harry finds himself in the misty and dark town of Silent Hill, and his daughter gone. Wondering where she had gone, Harry explores Silent Hill in search of Cheryl.

Silent Hill focuses on building atmosphere and momentum. It starts off with a seemingly peaceful yet dark environment, letting you walk around the mist-covered town of Silent Hill and making them venture into the unknown. This kind of direction focuses on obscurity and uncertainty. Silent Hill throws you in an unfamiliar situation, giving you no choice but to find out whatever horror lies ahead. Unlike other scary games, Silent hill concentrates in shaping fear of the unknown to its audience, instead of adrenaline-inducing stimuli.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear

A masterpiece in the making, Bloober Team SA’s Layers of Fear is the last (but not the least) horror game on our list. Recently released out of Early Access, The horror game Layers of Fear has charmed many with its captivating graphics, great audio, immersing story, and most especially, its unique horror style.

Your role is to play as an anonymous painter, struggling with both trying to finish his greatest work, and with insanity. As you try to take action with creating your masterpiece, the maddening past unveils and cripples you layer by layer.

Similar to Silent Hill, Layers of Fear builds momentum but on a whole different level. Layers of Fear has a lot of atmosphere but unlike Silent Hill where the atmosphere gradually becomes dark, this game shifts its atmosphere from light to dark, back to light again, and finally to pitch black. This change in atmosphere is most likely a shift from reality to surreal hallucinations. Layers of Fear offers players a first-person experience of what’s it like to be truly insane.


Silent Hills P.T. Demo

Silent Hills PT

As a bonus to our horror games list, we’re adding the horrifying Silent Hills P.T. Demo which made fans (and us) scream in terror… But in a good way.

With its first person gameplay, Silent Hills P.T. walks you through the unending halls of a haunted residence. Silent Hills P.T. goal is to make you scared of the unknown as well as unexpected surprises. As you venture further into the repeating corridors, subtle hints are given as to what had happened in the residence, and each step forward generates some extra tension and paranoia.

The demo of Silent Hills P.T. gradually creates a tense atmosphere, following the style of horror its predecessors had on their respective titles. Silent Hills P.T. gives you both a nostalgic flavour of the Silent Hill series as well as its own unique surprises. It’s no wonder horror fans were sad when news of it being cancelled came out.