The Walking Dead’s resident untouchable queen and all-around badass Michonne will be debuting in her own mini-series produced by Telltale Games.

Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley, who you might know as the cool Poussey, will be lending her voice to the titular character for this adaptation. The game will chronicle Michonne’s adventures during her absence in between issues #126 and #139 of the comic book series.

Players can start filling in the gore-stained boots of Michonne, katana-a-swinging, when the game premieres later this month on February 23rd for the PC, Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Xbox One and Xbox 360 users might have to wait a day for the game’s launch on their platforms on February 24th. The game will also be available on Steam.

Mobile users need not despair because The Walking Dead: Michonne will also be playable on iOS and Android devices come February 25th.

Players can get their hands on the full mini-series for $15. Episode 2, “Give No Shelter”, is due for release in March, and Episode 3, “What We Deserve” will be out in April.

The Walking Dead: Michonne will mark Telltale Games’ third go at The Walking Dead. Previously, they’ve taken on the stories of Lee and Clementine in the first and second seasons of the main game continuity in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Both episodic games were received with critical acclaim for offering a fresh perspective to fans of the franchise, accomplished with solid writing and strong voice acting. The first season alone has accrued several Game of the Year awards and nominations from the likes of Game Developer’s Choice Awards and Spike Video Game Awards.

Telltale Games has since then expanded their distinct episodic format to adapt a range of notable titles, from Borderlands with Tales from the Borderlands, to George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire with Game of Thrones: Season One. As of now, they are currently working on untitled Batman and Marvel games, as well as the second season of Game of Thrones.