Teotl Studios and GRIP Digital’s upcoming single-player venture The Solus Project will be launching on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development on February 18th 2016, and on Xbox One Game Preview on February 26th, 2016.

Focusing on survival and exploration, The Solus Project drops players in the middle of a deserted alien planet with one mission to fulfill: survive. And they have to do it completely alone, without any help from an Earth that might not even exist anymore.

The game looks like it’s going to be an atmospheric experience.

Players will brave terrifying terrains as they plunge deeper into the foreign planet to find the mysteries waiting for them below. In an attempt to uncover over 200 secrets interspersed throughout the game, delve into sprawling cave systems and tombs that could be hiding sinister things, all developed using Unreal Engine 4. Featuring a crafting system, dynamic weather, and “secret areas within secret areas within secret areas.

Promising something different from the “flood of run-of-the-mill survival sandbox games”, Jakub Mikyska, CEO of GRIP Digital, describes The Solus Project as “a narrative-driven, single player survival experience, full of mystery and millennia-old secrets waiting to be unraveled.”. Sjoerd De Jong, CEO of partner Teotl Studios, adds,

 After more than two years of development, we are ready to show our vision of what survival games could be – a hand-crafted adventure about the struggle between a man and nature and mankind’s will to survive.

Previously, indie developer GRIP Digital has brought us titles like ragequit-fest The Impossible Game and puzzle adventure Unmechanical. Theme-wise, The Solus Project looks to be completely detached from any of their other games.

The Solus Project will run in an episodic format, with updates opening up new parts of the elaborate alien world to poke around in on top of the continuation of the story. The final version will be launched in May 2016. You can visit The Solus Project’s official Steam page, and the Steam Community page.