I remember the days when I used to wake up extra early, rush through breakfast with one goal in mind; my morning gaming session on the PlayStation 1 before school!  It’s not surprising to see that the Sony Playstation is still going strong to this day. Sony continues to deliver a unique and memorable experience millions of players across the world.

On January 25, 2016, Shawn Layden, the president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, published an announcement on the Playstation blog. Not only does he announce the formation of a new company to be known as Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC or SIE but he promises a new and better Playstation experience that can power the next 20 years of innovation (extract below).  Who’s excited?

 The formation of SIE will create an even stronger PlayStation. That means an even bigger emphasis on developing pioneering platforms like PS4 and PlayStation VR, world-class games from our Worldwide Studios development teams, and innovative network services such as PlayStation Vue.

How will this decision by both companies fare to the audience? I’m sensing a general change in the world of consoles due to the fact that Sony is notorious for slick, classy and fine innovations and this could mean that the competition will have to step up. With the announcement of platforms like PlayStation VR, a noticeable evolution to consoles (or any tech in general) will surely take place.

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