Ready for some early details? Ubisoft’s highly anticipated MMO-Third Person Shooter The Division launches this week. Redditor, u/itsgamerdoc has gone rooting through the game files and leaked some interesting details.

Firstly, in The Division leak they’ve counted 26 story missions. Which is interesting considering the beta already featured 2 – 3 of them. Those said missions are somewhere near the start of the game, but there’s still some missions that take place before the beta began and these missions seem to take place in Brooklyn too if the data mining information is correct.

According to Reddit user itsgamerdoc, there’s also 138 weapons in the game with 35 different weapon attachments and some weapons serve as variants of the same weapon possibly based on fire types or other things, as well as what I think are some forms of legendary weapons. There’s also 53 different types of armour to provide plenty of variations on your equipment in the game. There’s also 36 “weapon talents” which seem like simple stat boosters such as “Accuracy is increased by X” or “Critical Hit Damage is increased by X.”

In other parts, there’re traces of water planes and a helicopter with mini machine games. He also found traces of future DLC with a file named “SW_MUS_Mission_DLC01_KillTheTank.” Kill the tank? Well, that sounds fun, but traces of DLC are already on the disc? That’s a little concerning.

Finally, the data miner has found files with names of factions that may have been cut out of The Division since they’re named  these files “OLD_DO_NOT_USE.” These files refer to possible faction such as “Blacksand” and “Bratva.” and the said faction would have featured enemy types such as “Blacksand_Dreadnought02” and “Bratva_Molotov01.”