One of the great things about Bungie’s Destiny is how each individual weapon feels unique. The shooting mechanics are among the best on the current market. Most legendary and exotic Destiny weapons have their uses, but there are a few exotic weapons in Destiny that stand out from the crowd. Raising your light level to 320 is no easy feat and it helps to be adequately equipped for various scenarios. Here is a list with 5 of the best exotic weapons in Destiny: The Taken King that you’ll want to obtain and master.

  1. Telesto

Telesto Destiny

Perhaps one of the most underrated exotic weapons in Destiny, Telesto is a very powerful and easy-to-use fusion rifle. A charged up direct-hit will stick to enemies and explode into a void burst, dealing heavy damage. This works wonders for crowd control, as shooting a few enemies with bursts will often cause them to run towards their allies. It also works well against majors and ultras as the impact explosion will shred away their health. A full clip of Telesto fushion rounds should get most powerful enemies down to less than half their health bars.

In addition to being very useful for PVE, Telesto works wonders in Destiny’s PVP. Sticking a fusion burst to an enemy player results in their instant death. If you’re lucky, they’ll be running past an ally resulting in a double down. Getting killed by Telesto in crucible can be quite frustrating since players will know they are done for once they get hit by the blast. Since many people don’t like using fusion rifles, you won’t see many Telestos out on the crucible field. But keep in mind, it’s one of Destiny’s best PVP weapons, and when properly wielded it can dominate in Destiny’s PVP matches.

  1. Bad Juju

Bad Juju Destiny

One of the select few weapons that have carried over from year 1 to the year 2 exotic list, Bad Juju is still a top exotic weapon choice for PVP or PVE. As a fully automatic pulse rifle, it is incredibly accurate and fast. In crucible, it can stand against most scout rifles and is an ideal mid-range weapon. A few quick bursts to the head will down your enemy in seconds. Not only that, but it rewards kills with ammo directly deposited back into the clip, making it an ideal crowd control weapon.

During the King’s Fall raid, Bad Juju is especially useful for anyone on add control. Taking out hordes of weak enemies like thrall and acolytes is especially simple with precision shots. You will likely be getting so many quick kills that you won’t have to reload during these sections making it a top 5 Destiny weapon. While it is very useful, it is also very fun and easy to use. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Bad Juju is an incredibly cool looking exotic weapon and deserves to be listed as one of the best weapons in Destiny in 2016.

  1. Touch of Malice

Touch of Malice Destiny

Though it requires a long process full of grinding and repetition, obtaining the Touch of Malice makes defeating Oryx and his daughters a cinch in the King’s Fall raid. In fact, most of the people in the LFG community won’t even take you seriously if you don’t have it. A fully-auto scout rifle, it has everlasting ammo with a catch: the final round is infinite with double damage but it drains your health with every blast. It is the only gun in Destiny that can kill you just by repeated firing.

During the final segments of the raid players will be able to sit in an immunity bubble when firing on the boss, resulting in very fast and very powerful damage with no reloading. While Touch of Malice is one of the best exotic weapons in Destiny for raiding, its risk factor makes it far less valuable in normal PVE or PVP. It may seem crazy to spend many hours collecting so many hadium flakes and calcified fragments just to be able to easily defeat two boss battles in the raid, but its payoff is worth it.

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