Smoke travels across the screen as a number of enemies are dealt with in the most artistic and graceful, but downright unusual way: spontaneous vegetation growth by bullet, among other things. What?

The weeks-long teasing by Riot Games about a new League of Legends champion has finally come to a stunning crescendo when they revealed a new trailer. Titled “Mind of the Virtuoso”, the trailer showcases surreal, mind-blowing visuals of the new champion shooting unlucky enemies, set to a haunting violin piece.

It looks like the title fits the champion to a T, though, with the way he disposes of his opponents not unlike a masterful maestro with all the finesse of an artist. Roses reduced to ashes on a woman’s back. Frosty energy erupting from a man’s face. It’s quiet and beautiful, clashing nicely with the rest of the game’s tone.

But it’s also trippy… very trippy!

“I will make you beautiful. I will make you perfect” promises the champion in the description for the video, which really pushes the artist angle Riot Games seems to be going for.

Alongside a tweet from August Browning, game designer at Riot, it was launched on January 7th. You can check it out below:

The trailer follows on the heels of other successful and visually beautiful League of Legends champion trailers, like Jinx’s and Ekko’s. When it comes to variety and fan appeal, it’s obvious that Riot Games knows what they’re doing.

And while I haven’t ventured down the rabbit hole that is the smash-hit MOBA game League of Legends yet, even I couldn’t help but get excited over what’s in store for players. Something about that mask just screams “fun”.

Not much is known about him yet, but you won’t have to wait long because he is almost ready for release. Check out the trailer below:

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