After going through a number of closed beta stages, Bandai Namco Entertainment is proud to announce that the Supernova Open Beta phase has begun. Everyone can now take control of different commanders in this sci-fi Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and lead their armies to victory.

Supernova is placed in a sci-fi universe with futuristic technology and unique intergalactic races, fighting for command over the galaxy. You can choose between an array of commanders that range from gun-for-hire mercenaries to mech pilots. Build a team with other commanders and battle it out with opponents to see who comes up on top. But as a commander, you must also remember that you have an army and manage it carefully. Upgrade your technologies or build new ones in order to fortify the units that advance towards your enemies.

After so many closed beta phases Supernova is truly growing into a competitive MOBA to take on the current big boys. In celebration for the Supernova open beta, two new commanders will be added to the roster. The first commander is Zan-Kir, known as the Zen warrior who is a melee ranged brawler with six fists that can pack a punch (or 6!). Coming along with him is J.P., a commander carries a lot of heavy ammunition that can destroy everything in sight. He is equipped with traps, lasers, dangerous missiles… you name it!

You can sign up for free on their website to experience the interstellar action in Supernova or you can have a look at the awesome 30-second trailer for Supernova’s open beta above.