Last week, Capcom announced that there will be two Street Fighter V updates this March, and one of them has just been released. The first update has been live for a few days and contains new content, bug fixes and game improvements. The second update (today) will have exciting new content. The SFV updates contain an all new challenge mode, an online rematch feature, some improvements to the battle lounge and some gameplay fixes and tweaks. Let’s take a closer look at both SFV March updates below.



Included in Challenge mode are Demonstrations and Trials. Demonstrations are helpful tutorials that will assist you in learning everything that you need to know about Street Fighter V. Tutorials are grouped into four categories: Beginner Tutorials, Intermediate tutorials, Advanced Tutorials and Character-specific Tutorials. All 16 characters will have their own set of lessons.

For Trials, combo challenges and trials are available for you to put your skills to the test. These trials range from beginner level to advanced combos and are available for all 16 characters in SFV.


2 out of 3 sets can now be played in Ranked matches or casual ones for online play. Players can now extra revenge or challenge their opponents again and again, provided that they both accept the rematch.


Battle lounges can now accept up to eight (8) players in their lobbies with a match spectating feature added.


Capcom has fixed some bugs and balanced out the gameplay in this update. Some issues have been fixed and some balancing has been done to the following characters’ V-Triggers: Vega, Chun-Li, M. Bison and Rashid. Throw escapes and jump frames (vertical and back) have both been tweaked as well.


Making a comeback to the Street Fighter series is Alex. A huge number of dedicated fans have requested him to be in the Street Fighter V roster and now he’s finally in! In SFV, Alex will be a grappler that can deal a huge amount of damage to his opponents, especially up close and personal. But he doesn’t just stop there because Alex has a number of moves that covers a large part of the screen. Alex players won’t have to worry about opponents zoning them out.


Shop ’til you drop using Fight Money in the in-game shop. You’ll be able to purchase cool stuff such as DLC characters and costumes.


On March 30, Ryu and Chun-Li’s story mode costumes will be available for all players as a way for Capcom to say thank you to their fans for being understanding during the Beta phases of SFV.

Want even more details?  Refer to the official Capcom Blog.