Sonic the Hedgehog has been around a long time, using super speed through generations of consoles. Celebrating his latest milestone, comes his latest game. After 25 years of high speed action, bot bashing, ring wrangling, time travelling and turning into a Werewolf, for reasons, Developers Headcannon and Pagoda West games are taking Sonic back to basics. Sonic, and his cohorts Tails and Knuckles, are all playable in speedy sprite form. Sonic has a new drop dash where you can instantly go into a spin attack from mid-air. Tails “Miles” Prower can both fly and swim, a skill Sonic still hasn’t mastered after 25 years, while Knuckles can glide through the air and use his spiky fists to scale vertical surfaces.

The levels are a mixture of new concepts and revamped classics. The standard gameplay is through 2Dimensional Zones split into 2 acts and the challenging special zones have been founded on mechanics from the 3D sections of the originals. Gather rings to boost the timer and blue spheres to rev your speed to catch up to the UFO hoarding the chaos emeralds. In the trailers they have hinted at animated cutscenes to propel the story forward and man do we hope it’s true. There’s even a competition mode so 2 players can run simultaneously side by side.

Doctor Robotnik or Eggman, whichever you prefer to call him, is again causing trouble along with his “Hard-boiled Heavies,” various robo versions of himself. Taking place after the events of Sonic and Knuckles, our heroes receive a signal from a mysterious source of power and must reach it before their mecha-adversaries. The race is on.

The spiky blue speedster is easily recognisable and will be forever remembered in Video Game history for his velocity, resilience and trade mark sneakers. Lest we forget there are others who also managed to challenge the laws of inertia. IGCritic now presents these video game Super Speed freaks:

Fetch from Infamous First Light

Super Speed

If you don’t recognise this groovy girl from Infamous Second Son, Shame on you! Abigail Walker, more commonly known as Fetch, is a dangerous conduit with the ability to absorb and manipulate the awesome power of Neon! Trust me, it is way cooler than it sounds. Between completing assault courses set by antagonist Augustine, Fetch recounts the tale of her troubled past. She had a rough time growing up. You know the story. Girl gets powers, parents don’t understand her so she runs away from home with her older brother. Both get addicted to drugs. Brother kicks drugs, she doesn’t.

As she loses control of her powers Brent gets kidnapped leaving Fetch free to be manipulated by everyone with a mobile phone. I guess you could say she’s into speed both literally and narcotically. As neon is primarily a source of gas that expels light, she can run at “light speed,” propelling you forward while dodging around and over obstacles. It’s even luminous enough to propel her up walls. Aside from flickering around the city, her powers can also be used for photon beams, limited levitation and my favourite, fluorescent cat graffiti.

Customised Character in DC Universe Online

Super SpeedAn epic title deserves an epic backstory so here we go. Because in the future Lex Luthor rallied all the villains for a last all out battle, he finally managed to kill Superman. Then an alien robot used mecha mosquitos called exobytes to copy the powers of Earths heroes and villains and was able to decimate the rest of humanity. The exobytes were then stolen and released in the present day giving everyone super human abilities. Awesome, right? Your customised character can tap into the speed force and exhibit some fast flashy powers.

Choosing Super Speed as a movement mode grants you a wicked lightning trail as you Zoom through through the streets of Gotham, scale the skyscrapers of Metropolis, and literally run circles around your foes. For Combat it also opens up a skill tree tailored to some swift fighting techniques. Rotating your arms can create vortexes to repel or pull baddies towards you. Increasing your metabolism grants some handy self-healing. You can phase out of the way of projectile attacks and even drain the speed from assailants within range. Holy sneakers, there’s a break out at Strykers Island. Make Haste! Did I mention you can run on water?

The President in Saints Row 4

Super Speed

During his or her short reign in office, the President managed to get a surprising amount done to benefit mankind. It was either curing cancer or ending world hunger, which is a lot for just a few years! It’s practically super speed compared to who we have in office now anyway. But sadly his elected fists weren’t fast enough to prevent the invasion and destruction of Earth. Though he did give it a good whack. Zinyak captives are all placed into a matrix like reality in order to break the will of humanity, make us more docile and turn us all into slaves. The rest of the planet was not so lucky.

In cyberspace, the laws of politics and physics don’t exactly apply. With her hacking skills Kinzie endows you with super powers, including the super speed to evade and conquer Zinyaks forces. You’ll be streaking through the streets both figuratively and literally. Yup. clothes are completely optional. It’s nice to have the choice. You can cruise the streets in a nifty hotrod or wear through 50 pairs of trainers a minute. In a virtual world you can be anything you want, a mascot, Johny Gat or a beautiful woman. With customisation being such a huge dynamic of gameplay, why wouldn’t you want to be a fleet footed feline, a turbo charged tranny or just a scary speed demon.

The Fierce Flame in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Super Speed

Another game built on DC’s super reputation, the roster heralds a number of speedsters such as the Flash, Kid Flash and this lady whose abilities are based in fire rather than lightning. Dubbed the Fierce Flame, she is unique to the LEGO DC Universe and was conceived specifically for Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Her backstory is next to non-existent in-game as she has no connection to the story whatsoever. Though on Brickopedia it states that she was created by the residual effects of the Flash’s attempt to regain his powers after losing them, and thus she has all his super speed powers plus fire. Hot stuff.

She would later go on to become Jesse Wells and is more widely known from the Flash TV series as Jesse Quick. I’m not normally one to appreciate fast women but in her case we can make an exception. As everything is built from Lego you can build super fast too. Its just fun to watch this flashy figurine zip to and fro. Brick by brick, the Fierce Flame’s a winner.

Alex Mercer in Prototype

Super Speed

Moving at high speeds is such a rush that many have been known to try anything for that extra boost. Cars, motorcycles, chocolate, but I draw the line at mutating viruses. It’s not unheard of for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs to come out ahead of the curve but at least they’re still human upon ingestion. In a New York City morgue, Alex Mercer wakes up dead. Can you wake up dead? Do the dead wake up? Anyway he was certifiably deceased and then he gets up, walks around and discovers he is now the cookie monster but for people. A Virus has completely overtaken his physiology transforming him into a claw slicing, tentacle exploding, tower leaping, tank stealing, memory munching, face stealing mess.

As well as a ridiculously fast regeneration, it pumps up his muscles to above average human limits of speed and agility. It allows him to keep up with cars on the motorway and also forms an impermeable shield to bulldoze your way through all those pesky people running all over the place in a panic. It’s their own fault for getting in the way. As with any genetics tampering there are some minor side effects but if you can handle a little cannibalism, total memory loss and serious identity issues, then treat yourself to a virus. You’ll be running up walls in no time.

Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

Super Speed

There is not of a lot of Gameplay revealed for the new game yet but it is official. Bubsy is returning. He is a bobcat who loves yarn. I mean really loves it. It’s his oxygen, his purpose, his raison d’être. Back in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, his collection of yarn balls, the largest in the world is nicked by an extraterrestrial race known as the woolies. When all the yarn in the world is abducted to power their invasion fleet, Bubsy chases them down through the country side, theme parks and  desserts to placate his fibre fetish. Facing alien armadas is a big job and he readies all the catch phrases in his arsenal.

He is a cartoony character and as such, possesses some unique characteristics. Using doors to appear in random locations. Pausing in midair before falling from a terminal height. Falling to pieces when he suffers damage. He is slow to get going but once he gets started this cool cartoony bobcat practically runs off the screen. Couple that with gliding weightlessly through the air, bouncing off heads for an added boost and he can run really fast! With a reboot on the way, it appears not even time can slow Bubsy down.

There you go, Sonic Mania and 6 Speed Freaks in video games. Do you know of any other speed freaks? Please let us know in the comments section and subscribe on YouTube.

Written by Richie Crossman