If you like rockets, and you like football leagues, you’ll probably love Rocket League. The successor of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars is a game that combines the two and also throws in a sprinkling of football for good measure. As a game, it works, as a sport, it works, and as a display of pop-culture vehicle prowess, there’s no competition.

We’ve had the Delorean and the Sweet Tooth ice-cream truck, but there are a ton more properties for the Rocket League game to mine. Xbox One, PS4 and PC players, it’s time to unite and make our voices heard — here are the top five famous cars that should add to Rocket League’s car roster.

  1. The Tumbler – Batman Begins


While developer Psyonix recently released the 2016 Batman v Superman (#TeamBats) Batmobile as paid DLC, it’s the only Bat-car to make the jump from screen to game. It’s a well that’s worth dipping into again, however, and while there are so many iconic rides to choose from, the 2005 Batman Begins Tumbler has my vote.

I use the term ‘car’ very loosely with this one; it more closely resembles a tank. Imagine powering down the field as the engine growls and your rocket boost propels you on a collision course with an extremely unlucky enemy Rocket League player. Most of the other rides in Rocket League are very sporty and lack that punch that makes them truly threatening. The Tumbler could fix that, in spades.

  1. Ecto-1 – Ghostbusters


Who ya gonna call? Well, if you’ve been using the PSN for a good stretch of time, probably Sony customer support. This aside, the Ghostbusters are making their return to the silver screen this summer in a pseudo-reboot of the franchise, which means there’s no better time to bring their beloved vehicle to everyone’s favourite car-football mashup.

The amount of quirky design choices Psyonix could make are near-unlimited with this one. Ghosts could spurt out of your exhaust acting as rocket boost, and the car could have a horn that blasts out that iconic theme tune. How about Slimer as a car decoration? Just be sure not to cross the streams, or you know. It would be bad.

  1. Mystery Machine – Scooby-Doo


The only thing that’s a mystery is just how this vehicle hasn’t ended up in Rocket League yet. It’s bright, colourful, kid-friendly and at the same time, huge and intimidating. This would be a great chance to include some famous Scooby-Doo catchphrases (Zoinks!) and apply them to specific vehicles — Rocket League is great with friends, and letting each player drive as a different character that comes with a different catchphrase would be a ton of fun.

Psyonix could even let us skin up the stadium with the full Scooby-Doo rogues gallery plastered across the walls. This would be a great DLC pack to release around Halloween time, and since I’m sure Psyonix are reading this right now, I’ll expect my cheque around the 31st October. Thnx guys.

  1. Hover Vehicle – WipeOut


Probably one of the most overlooked racing franchises ever created, WipeOut is renowned for its slick vehicle design and futuristic sheen. Since the vehicles in WipeOut can indeed hover, this would bring an entirely new visual style to the Rocket League game, and would be a skin that could truly make your ride stand out.

A WipeOut-coated stadium could also be included, a map built around the notion of a racetrack instead of a football arena. Cars would race frantically from one end to the other, a long stretch of road that would really test a team’s attacking capabilities.

  1. Aston Martin DB5 – James Bond


The name’s DLC. Expensive DLC.

Besides adding a substantial layer of class to the current football-laced explosion-fest that is Rocket League, 007’s most renowned vehicle would be a fine way to smoothly introduce offensive weaponry to the game for the first time. Think oil pools spilling out of your car’s’ rear end or missiles shooting out from behind your headlights. Bond is famous for his gadgetry, and I’m positive Psyonix would have a lot of fun with this vehicle design.

Rocket League is very entertaining, but it’s remained relatively bare-bones — gameplay-wise — since it launched. Sure, we can now ‘mutate’ our matches, but the core loop of punting the ball upfield and hoping for the best can get stagnant. Maybe introducing weaponry would be the shot of adrenaline Rocket League needs, and who better to bring the firearms than your friendly neighbourhood super-spy.

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