Developed by Torched Hill and published by tinyBuild, Road to Ballhalla is a platformer with an emphasis on rhythm and puzzle solving that is scheduled to come out mid-2016. In the game you play as a ball rolling his way to victory. The gameplay consists of you rolling across puzzles and traps that are tied to the music. In order to get across the platforms full of different hazards, you will need to be in tune with the music and learn how the beats affect the traps.

With the music of the game being such a large part of play, you would hope that the audio portion of this game is good. For this job, award-nominated composer Nicholas Singer was hired.

The game boasts that each level has its own rhythm and style of music, with differing sound effects for each level’s musical theme. From what has been released so far, the game’s soundtrack seems to be a style mixing together orchestral and techno elements. By altering the amount of elements used from each side, a variety of unique styles can be created by these two genres of music alone.

For the hardcore gamers out there, rest assured that you will most likely never run out of difficult levels to run. With a community feature allowing the player-base to create their own level designs, you will be able to create your own unique and difficult levels. After creating your own level, you can check its high scores to see how fast people are beating your levels. If you’re not too into creating the levels, playing your friends’ and other players’ levels should be interesting and add to the game’s experience.

A ball rolling across a platform is an extremely basic concept. Yet quite often, a simple mechanic that has been polished is the most fun and satisfying. Road to Ballhalla has easy mechanics that nearly everyone can learn: roll the ball and don’t go on traps. This combined with the musical elements affecting the platform provides an interesting added feature to gameplay. The game looks simple and clean, with an added community feature which allows for added difficulty and creativity. For fans of simple and clean mechanics that appears to create depth without too much complexity, keep your eyes open for Road to Ballhalla.

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