We live in an interesting day and age when technology seems to change and improve faster than anyone can actually grow familiar with its current form. It’s no surprise then that, for a month now, people (or rather, the internet) have been buzzing with rumours surrounding Sony’s developments to be revealed later this year. This coming October will bring with it the Playstation VR which has been in development under the name ‘Project Morpheus’ since 2011, with the product being unveiled just last year.

PlayStation VR Box Set

While it is known that Sony is working on some new hardware, rumours are circulating that it is an updated model of the PS4, aptly named the PS4K or PS4.5, which presumably would better accommodate Playstation VR. The rumours began as most rumours do— with conjecture. Journalists initially speculated that the new hardware was being developed mainly for increased 4K support, but they grew and grew as different journalists began to draw their own conclusions, culminating into the mythical all-powerful PS4K which is said to greatly outperform the current model, leading quite a few gamers to believe that their two-year-old console will soon become out of date. Worry not! Once more, these are all just rumours. It should be noted however that Sony has been incredibly quiet and inactive in dispelling them, leaving news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and PC Advisor to corroborate them and continuously feed what is largely conjecture to the public.

So what are the rumours exactly?

The prominent rumour that began with a Kotaku article on the 18th of March, states that the PS4K will have twice the processing power of the current model, enough to run games at 4K resolution and all using a smaller and more powerful single-chip processor. Developers are currently making video games targeted at the newer model. The rumours also state that the price of said console will sit somewhere between GBP250 ($350) and GBP350 ($500).

What do we actually know about Sony’s new hardware project other than the fact that it’s definitely related to hardware? Well, in short: next to nothing. Sony has declined to comment on the rumour and as of yet have not released any details about their project.


We know that the PlayStation VR is Sony’s main focus right now. Recently, Sony’s executive vice president stated that their main focus right now is video games, whilst discussing the Playstation VR’s potential to work in conjunction with PCs. It’s currently available for pre-order for GBP349.99. Sony is currently developing a whole list of PlayStation VR games to be released for the PlayStation VR by the end of this year, including titles such as Playroom VR, ARK: Survival Evolved (which thus far has been in beta), War Thunder, and dozens more. These games can be played using the DualShock 4 controller or the PlayStation Move batons (yeah, remember those!), which were originally developed with VR in mind.

So there you have it, the facts (or lack thereof) from the falsities. It’ll be a while before anyone really knows for certain what Sony has cooked for us, so for now we’ll just have to settle (or gape in awe) for the prospect of a virtual reality filled future, that may not necessarily play in native 4K or named the PS4.5 or PS4K.