Pro gamer live live streams are quickly becoming, or perhaps already become one of the most popular avenues of online entertainment for the average gamer these days.

It is not a surprise that the live streaming giant Twitch and eSports’ most popular pro gamers are no strangers to each other.

Also, many of the biggest eSports tournaments and Sports events are now available as live streams online, where millions of viewers stream their favourite eSports tournaments over the internet. It doesn’t take much to become a Twitch streamer and start your own Twitch channel with it being so accessible nowadays.  Becoming a professional Twitch streamer, however, is a different story altogether.

The most viewed Twitch streamers usually have something that makes them unique, be it their addictive personality, funny game quirks, or gaming knowledge. This pro gamer Twitch list will take a look at some of the highest ranked pro gamers who regularly stream from their own channels.  Here are 5 professional gamers and Twitch Streamers that can teach you a thing or two about CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Street Fighter V and DotA 2.


cloud 9 shroud playing counter strike go

Team: Cloud9
Games: CS:GO

If you’re looking for a good and relevant Counter-Strike Global Offensive pro streamer, then look no further than Cloud9’s shroud Twitch Channel. He will primarily stream high-level CS:GO play, which is the reason that most of his fans watch his Twitch channel. You can easily learn a lot from just half an hour of watching shroud’s CS:GO tactics and gameplay. However, he will also stream newer games at times for a change in pace. Cloud9 is a well known American eSports team. Their CS:GO’s team most recent win was the iBUYPOWER Spring Invitational. Make sure to check out Shroud’s channel. You can check him out HERE.


deer nadia in twitch hoodie

Team: Team Archon
Games: Hearthstone

For something a little more relaxed and easy going, try giving DeerNadia from Team Archon a try. Team Archon has been around in the Hearthstone scene for a year and a half, and players on the team have some notable achievements such as first place at the HCT Americas Winter Championship. DeerNadia is one of the female streamers with some pretty interesting Hearthstone decks and plays to watch, but I find the appeal in her Twitch stream mostly being the fact that she will chat and banter about random topics, giving her Twitch channel a very easy going and casual feel. Nadia is also an avid fan of anime and has a club for it that she hosts every day. Even if Hearthstone isn’t your game, DeerNadia’s all out banter and fun is worth checking out! You can find her Twitch channel HERE


santorin in LoL chair at esports tournament

Team: NRG Esports
Games: League of Legends

Santorin is a famous League of Legends jungler known for his time on Team Solo Mid. He has hopped to a couple of different LoL pro teams since his time at TSM, and is now under contract with NRG Esports. Besides his status as an eSports player, he is also consistently ranked at the top of the North American LoL leaderboards. Santorin is a relatively active Twitch pro streamer who you can always learn something new from, as he will discuss his opinions on certain items and LoL builds in the game. Santorin’s live stream is a must see for any serious League of Legends fan who is seeking to improve their LoL skills. You can check out his channel HERE.

Justin Wong

justin wong winning street fighter tournament

Team: Evil Geniuses
Games: Street Fighter / Marvel vs. Capcom

If you were looking to watch Twitch live streams that are fighting game oriented, then Justin Wong from Evil Geniuses has you covered! He is an active Twitch pro gamer who primarily streams Street Fighter V, but will also showcase and stream other fighting games as well. Most of the time he’ll stream ranked 1v1 matches, but sometimes there will be hangouts or other games that Justin will play, giving some variety to his Twitch channel. Evil Geniuses’ pro fighting game division consists of many different fighting game titles, and has team members from all over the world. You can subscribe and watch Justin Wong’s channel HERE.

SingSing (Sing_Sing)

sing sing having an interview

Team: Kaipi
Games: DOTA 2

For something in the DotA 2 scene, try out Sing_sing’s DotA 2. Sing_sing has been employed with a bunch of different professional gaming teams recently, but has most recently signed up with Kaipi. He primarily plays as a DotAmid-laner (position 2), but most of the time his games will consist of his random antics. Sing_sing has a sense of humor and keeps his streams entertaining even without a camera. Unfortunately, he is not very active as a Twitch streamer, but every time he does do a live stream he ensures hours of entertainment. Take a gander at his channel HERE.