For a game that’s about monster brawls, Pokemon hasn’t released a single fighting game title, until now! The much anticipated Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament by Bandai Namco Entertainment, finally released for the Wii U.

So far, there are 16 playable Pokken Tournament characters to choose from including Rayquaza, Blaziken, Charizard, and Pikachu. Along with these Pokemon are 30 other non-playable Pokken Tournament characters that can be used as assists. Bandai Namco Entertainment is looking to add more playable Pokken Tournament characters and assists over time.

In addition to the 16 original Pokken Tournament characters, these are the 10 Pokken Tournament characters we’d really hope to see added to the roster in the future!


Pokken Tournament Blastoise

The battle between fire and water has always been around since the beginning of time. If the Pokken Tournament roster has a Charizard, then Blastoise will definitely cool out the competition.


Pokken Tournament Rayquaza

Rayquaza has gotten some spotlight in Smash Bros as a stage element but is that all Rayquaza is going to be? Of course not. With electrifying attacks and moves, adding Rayquaza to the Pokken Tournament roster would definitely cause a spark between the other Pokken Tournament characters.


Pokken Tournament Eevee

Although already added to the Pokken Tournament roster as an assist type Pokemon, Eevee would have a potential on moving independently as a playable Pokken Tournament character. Having the ability to evolve into different elemental types depending on the evolution chosen.

Plusle and Minun

Pokken Tournament Plusle and Minun

Plusle and Minun are two adorable bunny-like Pokemon that could become great assists. Plusle and Minun both have moves that can cause status ailments and disables which could potentially be an interesting mechanic for Pokken Tournament.

Ekans and Koffing

Pokken Tournament Ekens and Koffing

Although not the smartest Pokemon found in the animated series, Ekans and Koffing go hand in hand and are two Pokemon that could play as assist characters. Their combo could allow you to sneak up on your enemies with Ekans using poison needles as Koffing blinds them with a smokescreen. This clumsy pair will surely send your foes (or allies) blasting off again!

Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur

Pokken Tournament Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle

It was always obvious that Pikachu would be on the main Pokken Tournament roster… But what about the rest of the classic team? They definitely deserve some spotlight one way or another. These guys may all be small in size but each one can pack a punch. Since the main roster already has Charmander’s evolution, it could be possible that these three can become a cool assist combo together instead.

Which Pokemon would you like to see added to the Pokken Tournament Roster? Let us know below!