Think you’ve got what it takes to make it as a trainer in the world of Pokémon?  Well, now you can test that out with Pokémon Mega Get, a new arcade experience recently unveiled by Bandai Namco Entertainment.  The game is set to launch in arcades across Japan this year.

Pokémon Mega Get will have players throwing plastic balls made to look like the Pokéball we all know at images of Pokémon on screen in a bid to capture as many of them as possible. Players get to “journey” across three stages (with sky, sea and grassland themes) and get their choice pick from among the three sixth-generation Pokémon starters for their partner: Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin.

If you clear all three stages and finish the game, the machine rewards you with one of 24 collectable cards, including ones with Hawlucha, Silveon and mainstay Pikachu; the better your score, the rarer the card you get. On top of that, good play gets rewarded with better chances of encountering legendary Pokémon, like Mega Rayquaza among others.

The concept is pretty simple, but it also sounds like it’s a lot of fun if you want to indulge your inner Pokémon fantasy… Don’t worry, we all have it. We have a feeling the bigger ‘kids’ will get a kick out of this game, too- maybe even more so than the young’uns?

Sadly it will most likely never make it out of Japan due to the decline of arcade-usage in a number of other countries.

Still, it won’t hurt to hope and keep our fingers crossed. At least we’ll still have Pokémon Go. And going forward, it’s exciting thinking of what newer, more immersive Pokémon experiences we’ll get to have as technology advances. Pokémon VR?

Get a peek at the new game below!