The countdown to Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming first person shooter, Overwatch, begins as Early Access starts this May.

First revealed during BlizzCon 2014, Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter in a battle between heroes. It is set in a world that was once in a global crisis until a group of heroes called Overwatch unite in order to restore peace. After restoring peace, Overwatch soon faded away. But that doesn’t mean heroes aren’t needed anymore.

Overwatch Early Access heroes

Many are excited by the release of Overwatch ever since its reveal. The fans are not only hyped because Blizzard Entertainment is releasing a new title but also because of the amazing Overwatch cinematic trailer. When you take a close look at the trailer, you can see that Overwatch looks like it was designed by Pixar Animation Studios. It feels like you’re watching a movie trailer! You can check out the awesome Overwatch cinematic trailer above.

As for gameplay, Overwatch is similar to Team Fortress 2 with each round containing team-based objectives such as defending your base or capturing checkpoints. In Overwatch, you choose which role you take in the team and pick which hero to control. Each hero has a different role and depending on which of the 4 roles they are, heroes can either be offensive, defensive, tank or support. See how the action goes in Overwatch in the official gameplay trailer found below:

What makes Overwatch a unique experience in the first-person shooter genre is the Overwatch heroes. Each hero has 4 unique abilities that make the game a whole lot more interesting. Can you imagine playing an FPS where your characters can blink from one place to another, create turrets, provide shields or even summoning a huge dragon in the field? Overwatch has all of that! There are currently over 21 heroes and 4 of them (Tracer, Winston, Reaper, and Widowmaker) were already featured in the cinematic trailer, whilst you can read more about this in our Overwatch preview.

Tracer from Overwatch

Tracer is an English adventurer who jumps through time and uses two of pistols that shoot laser-like blasts. Her first ability is called “Pulse Pistols” in which she rapidly fires her two guns. In her second ability, Tracer can blink horizontally in the direction she is moving in and can hold up to three charges for this skill. Tracer can also move back in time, replenishing her health and ammo and allowing her to go back to her previous position. In Tracer’s ultimate, Pulse bomb, she throws a large bomb that can detonate after a short countdown causing high damage to areas and foes nearby.

We can definitely expect Overwatch to take the action in FPS games to a whole new level. A lot of sneak attacks will surely happen, especially if your team doesn’t have each other’s backs! There’s also a possibility that heroes can climb on walls, unlike usual first person shooters, making it more flexible to move around maps and sneak up on your foes. With all these uniquely skilled heroes, Overwatch is sure to blow you away.

Windowmaker stealth attack

Sneaky, sneaky!

Lucio's Shield

It’s not a shield barrier for nothing.

Screenshot of bomb explosion


To celebrate the Overwatch countdown to a unique FPS games this year, Blizzard has recently released a teaser for upcoming animation shorts that will reveal the stories behind each hero. Check it out below!

The Overwatch release date is scheduled for the 24th of May for PC, PS4, and Xbox One whilst Overwatch Early Access will be open on May 3rd for those who pre-order Overwatch. The open beta period will take place between May 5 – 9.