Hey there gamer guys and girls. I’m Richie and welcome to IGCritic. Summer is here, the temperature is rising and we have 9 new video games to show you releasing in June 2017.

TEKKEN 7 – 02/06/17

Releasing World Wide on the 2nd of June; Tekken 7! A series with over a decade of experience and nine previous titles under its belt, This fiersome fighter certainly looks to pack a very big punch. In Japan they have had the arcade version since March 2015 and now it’s finally coming to console. Finally! Thank Heihachi. The story will be darker than usual and will reveal deep insights into the Mishima family, their demonic tendancies and the tension between the fathers and their progeny.

The Tekken games always feature a special guest fighter and this time round they welcome Akuma from the Street Fighter series. There are new characters as well as returning fan favourites; Nina Williams, Shall Law, King, and the tower of hair, Paul Phoenix. Reputed to be the final showdown, this could be the one that ends it all.

DARK ROSE VALKYRIE – Japan 21/0716, N.America 06/06/17, EU 09/06/17
PS4 Exclusive

Dark Rose Valkyrie, also know as Black rose Valkyrie, is a new RPG that hits the shelves on the 6th in America and the 9th in Europe. First, Imagine a parallel world similar to ours. Now imagine that back in 1929 Japan was hit by a meteorite dubbed the “Black Garnet” that carried a disease which spread and killed 3% of the Earth’s population. Those that survive the “Chimera infection” (great name) are granted superior strength and intelligence but eventually deteriorate into monsters.

And thus Special Force Valkyrie was formed, to combat the infected and cull the spread of disease, led by main character Asahi. Interrogation segments are also integral to progress the story. Men have a higher risk of being infected, so the bulk of armed forces are composed of Women with some sizeably questionable weapons. Slashing or smashing, the Valkyries are more than up to the task.

PS4 Exclusive

On the 6th comes a racing remaster, Wipeout Omega Collection. The Wipeout HD, Fury and 2048 have been taken apart and put together again, preparing them for the jump to a mod gen platform. It’s sure to hold it’s own with the new video games of today. Racing in hover vehicles for an anti gravity thrill that will have speed demons wheeling around these loopy futuristic circuits.

All the weapons, shields, upgrades, boosts, loop de loops and head trips are back and all wrapped up in visually stunning courses and pulse pounding techno music. The collection has been enhanced up to 4K for the PS4 Pro and, with how fast these guys are going, it’s gonna need all the resolution it can muster.

DIRT 4 – 06/06/17

The 6th of June also heralds the return of the Rally racing series, Dirt 4. As motorsports go this one doesn’t mince its words. When they say dirt, they mean it as they take racing offroad, driving through a variety of terrains and weather conditions. In this installement you can expect to be skidding through locations such as Australia, Terragona, Michigan US, Swedish Värmland and Powys in Wales.

The Developers at Codemasters have drafted cars from competitions past and present, offering a huge selection of roadsters to take your fancy. Leaderboards will be displayed cross platform, so no matter the console, the world will know who’s top dog of the rally.

CARS 3: DRIVEN TO WIN – 13/06/17
PS3, PS4, XB360, XBO, NS, Wii U

From the 13th Disney bring Cars 3: Driven to Win, their new CGI, from the big screen to your home console with their own bid for the racing trophy. The Cars 3 video game will hit the shelves just a few days before the cinematic release on the 16th. There are many rides to choose from; professional race cars, tow trucks, even a vintage model or two. Each character has their own unique skills on the track.

Takedown mode is littered with power ups and they’ve been pimped out with some serious artillery. There’s a Race mode, a Stunt Showcase to display your style behind the wheel and a Playground for those who enjoy driving at their own pace. Get behind the wheel of Lightning McQueen, Mater and a host of friends old and new.

ARMS – 16/06/17
Nintendo Switch

On the 16th of Junes, Arms. From the innovative minds behind the Nintendo Switch comes a new way to utilise the latest technology of the joy-con controller to beat ‘up your buddies with some bizarre boxing. While you and your opponent put up your dukes in real time, your on screen avatars will battle it out with their extendable appendages. It’s crazy colourful and fun to handle. You have to physically swerve to dodge, twist your fist for a cheeky side punch and tilt your arms inward to block, though playing in a traditional hand held way is optional too.

There are divergent character avatars to choose from with their own unique gloves and abilities, some with hidden powers like lasers, electro-shock and freezing. You have two hands, so you can mix and match different gloves from alternate sets. one for the right and one for the left. C’mon, I’m not gonna wear gloves in Summer. It’s hot. Thanks to the switchs’ innovative controls you can duke it out among 4 players simultaneously in an open arena.

Final Fantasy XIV: STORMBLOOD – 20/06/17

The 20th of June heralds Final Fantasy XIV latest DLC expansion; Stormblood. This expansion pack to the popular MMORPG from Square Enix focuses on the liberation of Ala Mhigo and Doma from under the yoke of the Garlean Empire. You can tell how tough the challenges are by the fact that the Level cap has been increased from 60 to 70. New jobs are available such as the Red mage, who specialises in ranged magic and quick melee attacks,  and Samurai, for those who enjoy being silent and powerful.

There are new zones and dungeons and even a new 8 player raid; Inter Dimensional Rift Omega, a name often associated with epicness throughout the series. Swimming and diving are also introduced and will open up new areas of underwater landscapes to explore and gather materials. You can even ride your flying mounts underwater, lounge by the beach, show off your avatar in swimwear. How many new video games have cat people in bikinis?

NEX MACHINA: Death Machine – 20/06/17

On the 20th comes Nex Machina: Death Machine to PS4 and PC. A top down, high action uber rezzed shooter adventure, Developer Housemarque have devised a very vibrant neon gunner with excessive robotic mutilation. In the future, technology has advanced quicker than we can evolve and decided it didn’t want to shuffle our playlists or toast our bread anymore and decided their time is better spent wiping out humanity as payback for the generations of mindless servitude.

Navigate your way through hordes of enemies, blowing them to kingdom come while keeping an eye out for people who desperately need a quick rescue. Power-up items scattered about for when your fire arm needs a boost. It’s Man vs Machine but you needn’t fight the final battle alone as this one comes complete with couch co-op. It’s time to put technology back in its place.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – 30/06/17
PS4 Exclusive

A furry face many will recognise from the glory days of the origional Playstation. 3 video games in one, this single player platform adventure from Vicarious Visions and Activision is another remaster to rock the ages and praises the power of platformers. Crash is back with all his zany actiony actions along with the evil Dr. Cortex.

In the first game, Cortex plans to use his evolvo-ray to create an army of mutated animals to take over the world. Ironically this is how Crash came to be in the first place. You always create your own worst enemy. In Cortex Strikes back, Crash must collect crystals and gems to save the planet from an impending cataclysm. In Warped our favourite spinning bandicoot must travel through time to prevent an evil entity from obtaining ultimate power.

June has boxing, racing and some prestigous platforming. What virtual sport gets you cheering? Which of these titles will you fill your summer? We hope you enjoy the New Video Games Releasing in June 2017 😉