You can hear the tingling of your keys as they dangle between your fingers while walking towards your latest conquest. You open the door, get in, turn the ignition and drive into the sunset with your new ride.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted satisfies even the most extreme petrol heads cravings for chrome rims, nitrous oxide and burnt rubber… in a virtual setting of course!

Origin, a digital distribution store that’s powered by EA Sports, well known for its amazing game sales and more so for it’s “On The House” section in which players are given great games at absolutely no cost. This time round Origin is giving us the chance to download Need for Speed: Most Wanted! So.. without even touching your wallet, head over to Origin as this is the perfect time to burn those virtual tires whilst drifting through the streets leaving a blaze of glory for the cops to admire.

I am sure that many of you have spent countless hours in the franchise but for those who haven’t, here’s a quick summary.  Need for Speed: Most Wanted features a non-stop, action packed, steamy multiplayer function that you can totally abuse. Play with your friends, race rep-hungry hooligans who are also battling for “street cred”. Choose between normal races, team matches, or simply roam the streets in your ride. No lobbies, no restrictions, all competition.

The free download is only available for Microsoft Windows. You can get the free download here.

Although not free, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (or Most Wanted 2012) is also available for Playstation 3, Move and Vita, Xbox 360, Kinect, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Wii U.