Not counting the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon in November, there are 721 Pokémon in the world of Pokémon. With that many Pokémon in the Pokémon world, there are bound to be a few annoying and useless Pokémon. Here is a list of ten of the most useless Pokémon ever for me personally (and why they are so useless/annoying).

  1. Abra

Abra the most annoying PokemonAbra is only annoying in that it is a pain to catch. Finding an Abra isn’t exactly difficult, but catching one before it teleports away can be frustratingly impossible if you aren’t lucky. The sad part about this is, Abra is extremely useful (as are its evolutions) and thus catching one without spending coins at the game corner or getting lucky in wonder trade can be highly frustrating.

  1. Stunfisk

Derpy and most useless Pokemon ever - StunfiskAside from the fact that Stunfisk looks like an obnoxious amalgamation between a Psyduck and a pancake, Stunfisk is also one of the most useless Pokémon and insanely annoying because it is considered a ground/electric Pokémon yet does not excel in either area, mostly being an average ground or electric Pokémon unless extensive time is put into making sure it excels in either element. The fact that Stunfisk doesn’t evolve also counts against it, preventing it from gaining any further skills beyond the 13-16 possible abilities it can learn without the use of TMs or HMs.

  1. Zubat

Annoying Zubat casting a skillZubat are most annoying Pokémon to fight, as their supersonic ability can repeatedly confuse your Pokémon, causing you to wipe if you are unlucky enough. The fact that Zubat are found in almost every cave (even in ones where other rare Pokémon spawn) also adds to their annoying factor as it makes things frustrating, especially in the larger caves.

  1. Patrat

3 Patrat PokemonWhile Patrat might be adorable, it only learns 5 skills that actually do damage. Most of them are normal type moves as well, with only one dark type skill in the mix. Patrat isn’t too bad for contests though, as it learns a lot of Tough skills, the problem mostly lies in its actual combat usage since there are plenty of other more useful Pokémon to fill your roster.

  1. Luvdisc

Luvdisk the weirdest PokemonThe problem with Luvdisc is that it is the only way to acquire heart scales, however if that wasn’t annoying enough, over half of Luvdisc’s learned abilities don’t even do any damage. Generation III Pokémon weren’t as imaginative, and yet Luvdisc tends to have very few redeeming qualities, as there is no evolution for it, so there is no real incentive to level it up either. If the picture above doesn’t shout out “I am the most useless Pokemon ever” then I don’t know anymore.

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