Games often walk a fine line between balancing skill and difficulty. Having to juggle gear that makes the game fun to play while rewarding progression without making everything too easy. However, there is always that one weapon that is simply beyond powerful, the weapon that has ascended to the godly tiers of overpowered. This list doesn’t touch on just any overpowered weapons, but the ones that were as fun as they were overkill. This is my list of fun and most overpowered weapons in video games, at least a few of them.

  1. Rocket Punch – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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Ok I know what you’re thinking, the rocket fist? Really? Just hear me out though. In a game like Metal Gear Solid you can make it as a master of stealth, knocking people out like a ninja in the breeze, gone without a trace. More than likely though you will end up running through a botched mission like some blood crazed Rambo. The rocket fist was a later game upgrade that let you shoot a remote controlled rocket powered fist, yes really, into the face of any poor unsuspecting enemy you felt needed a nap. That alone is a fun tool, but when you realise you can knock out an entire enemy patrol without setting off alarms or losing stealth? Yeah it turned missions into easy mode. Not to mention it easily one shot fully armoured guards and regular soldiers alike, one tap anywhere on the body and bam, remote controlled unseeable fist KO. Nothing could block it, see it, or resist it. Making it one of my ten fun and most overpowered weapons in video games.

  1. The Soul Reaver – Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain

The Soul Reaver in Legacy of KainWhat’s that, you don’t know what the soul reaver is? Don’t worry, no one seems to, story of my life. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver was another arc in the mostly forgotten franchise about a dark gothic world of vampires, humans and other more questionable creatures. Oh and time travel, a ridiculous amount of time travel. That aside the Soul Reaver was a weapon you only unlocked at full health, much like the master’s swords trick in early Zelda titles. This is tough for many reasons but mainly because you only got health for eating souls, which you got from killing enemies. If you didn’t eat them, most of the enemies would simply resurrect on the spot. The Soul Reaver not only one shot everything in the game, but simply exploded enemies into ash making it impossible for a resurrection even if they wanted. It was over powered, fun, and hard to keep for long, making it a perfect balance of over powered and rewarding.

  1. Black Hole Launcher – Saints Row IV

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There’s not really much to say about this one, but most of the weapons in the saint’s row series could honestly be on this list. The black hole launcher gets my special mention simply because…well…I mean it’s a black hole launcher. It is a gun that shoots black holes. When it comes to stupid fun weapons it was hard to not give something from this series a special mention. The black hole launcher always comes to my mind as fun havoc above all though.

  1. Blue Shell – Mario Kart

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I don’t think I even really need to explain this one. The infamous blue shell is the bane of many a Mario Cart racer, the good ones anyway. Nearly unavoidable, the blue shell will seek out and attack whoever is in first place without mercy, without compromise. There are some ways to survive the cold deathly embrace of the blue shell, but generally speaking you feel a sense dread in first place, because somewhere out there…it’s coming for you. For those who use it however, few things are more satisfying.

  1. The Golden Gun – Golden Eye 007

The Golden Gun in 007 Goldeneye for the N64The Golden Gun is perhaps one of the earlier weapons to actually start the popular phrase “overpowered”. It was famous for being exactly that, completely overpowered, that was its identity. A rare weapon find or special game mode unlock, the golden gun is simply a one hit kill on anything it touches. This weapon caused much rage in the golden era of N64 gaming, and those alive during that special time will likely never forget one of the original overpowered weapons.

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