2016 was a great year for gaming (except for some over-hyped games that totally didn’t cut it – yes, you know which ones..) but unfortunately 2016 is coming to an end. Luckily we’ve already seen some teasers and trailer for upcoming games with planned releases for next year. Without further ado, check out the 10 most anticipated video games of 2017!

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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After punching holes in their last bucket trying to save the Wii U from sinking, Nintendo’s defecting back to the hardcore gaming crowd. With the NX they hope to regain the adventuring disciples they shunned after sacrificing themselves to casual gamers on the golden idol of the Wii. The question with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not so much “Will it be enough like Zelda?” but “Will it be enough like Skyrim?”.

After Nintendo fans realized that the best thing about Skyward Sword’s lukewarm trickle of adventure tropes was that it was sold with a shiny 25th anniversary soundtrack CD, they defaulted to their staples. Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time 3D have been the holding pattern spiel that captain Nintendo has been calmly breathing over the speakers in the hopes that we won’t look out and see that the wing’s caught fire. With Breath of the Wild I wonder if a trendy open world is enough to forgive the industry giant for abandoning the children it raised when the going got casual.

  1. Rime

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For those of us too enlightened to take the risk, Tequila Works is releasing Rime, an open-world action adventure puzzler where you’re the lone character in a coastal world full of Project ICO artifices and Studio Ghibli charm. Bloomier than a high-def day on sun-bleached Windfall Island and appearing to have the residual charm of the old MYST-esque adventure clickers, Rime looks like the perfect getaway from the oh so pressing question, “Will the new Zelda be just good enough for me to give in and not say anything bad about it?”

The trailer makes Rime look like a runny-jumpy-puzzle-solver, like The Wind Waker without the story or Shadow of the Colossus without any planet-sized beasties to nuzzle. Based on Tequila Works’ previous effort, Deadlight (which played homage to the realistic platformers of the 80s and 90s the likes of Prince of Persia or Oddworld), they’re a company with a passion for intuitive and nostalgic design. The world-building is the attraction here, so I have to wonder if a shiny little beach is going to best big brother Nintendo at its own goal to game with the grownups again.

  1. God of War

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Yes, Kratos has a beard. And a kid. And the direction SIE Santa Monica Studio is going with looks like they’re none too slow to hitch their wagon to Naughty Dog’s cinematic guides to parenting that have been playing so well on Sony’s flagship. Turning their backs on that fixed-perspective lone-wolf Greek in favor of what appears to be a Norse over-the-shoulder parental Kratos like The Last of Us modded for wilderness adventures, SIE may have a lot to answer for.

But God of War seemed pretty played out with Ascension and that retrograde re-styling of an adventure we’d been on three to five times before. So maybe a fresh perspective will be enlivening. The question is whether this has any business being labeled as God of War beyond Sony’s desire to square away the dump trucks they’ll need to carry off all their pre-order cash.

I’m aware that the release date is technically TBA, but Amazon lists the pre-order placeholder as December 29, 2017 so until I hear differently, I’m going with that.

  1. Death’s Gambit

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The first thing many of us thought when we saw the tiny White Rabbit team’s violent side-scroller was, “Is that 2D Dark Souls?!” Apparently inspired by From Software’s efforts to bring old adventure gaming to modern consoles, Death’s Gambit shares the same sources, including the slashy old Castlevania adventures, sweeping animated epics like Princess Mononoke, and even an homage to Shadow of the Colossus that this writer thinks personally will hit people more like Attack on Titan.

The important thing is an adventurous design, the kind that used to make DOS coding woes worth the effort. Less the traditional cinematic platformer than an action-RPG that happens to be 2D, Death’s Gambit will be measured by its controls. If slaying beasties feels as epic as it looks, the platformer may finally come of age and fit in its 3D daddy’s adventure boots. Even if not, the crunchy hand-drawn visuals hold their own special promise for the year’s most resonant new hero’s quest, from publisher Adult Swim (yes, that Adult Swim) no less.

  1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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So let me just blow the secret for you. Resident Evil 7 will be better than 6, better than 5, and not as good as PT. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s talk about retro-titled Biohazard. There are two things to realize here. One is that Konami is a bunch of narcoleptic gibbons for letting last light of their life Kojima slip between their gnarly fingers. The other is that Capcom is pretty alright for getting on the stylistic train with the Metal Gear Solid director’s tragically shorted vision for a new renaissance in horror gaming. Originality may pull through with this one.

Weighted with Western writers clinging to the grimy coattails of that horrifying teaser all the YouTube was screaming about for two months straight, my hope is that this Resident Evil will be the least convoluted of the series. If we can get beyond Umbrella corps.meanies and Scooby-Doo villain world-domination yarns with the Lord of the Rings monsters to match, we might have a few grand little frights in a good old-fashioned haunted house. Early next year we’ll see if the retroactively soiled first franchise of horror still has any crusty blood left in its veins.

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