Global sensation Minecraft has sold millions, been sold for millions and played by millions. Now it’s about to take on a new use. To educate millions, Microsoft have announced they’ve acquired MinecraftEdu. A version of Minecraft created in 2011 for use in classrooms used in over 40 countries.

We’ve seen Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games but now Microsoft plans to introduce a trial version of Minecraft: Education Edition coming Summer and promise that all current MinecraftEdu customers will get a full year of the service for free. Minecraft: Education Edition will also be a collaborative effort shaped through feedback from educators themselves.

Mojang’s COO, Vu Bui has said “One of the reasons Minecraft fits so well in the classroom is because it’s a common, creative playground, We’ve seen that Minecraft transcends the differences in teaching and learning styles and education systems around the world. It’s an open space where people can come together and build a lesson around nearly anything.”

Minecraft: Education Edition is scheduled to release a trial version this summer.