Have a Samus Aran-shaped hole in your heart?

Worry not, because Nintendo has just released something that might sate your appetite, even if it’s just for a little while, or until we get the next big game.

It’s almost a full year late compared to the European release, but North American Metroid fans can finally breathe easier because Metroid: Zero Mission officially launched on the Wii U Virtual Console market on January 14th. Meanwhile, the Game Boy Advance version clocks in at $7.99, with support off-TV play.

A “modernization” of the original NES Metroid game, Zero Mission took the Metroid fandom by storm with its improved visuals, fresher designs and updated gameplay. Essentially, it is a more refined retelling of Samus’ first in-game outing to Space Pirate-infested planet Zebes, so it is definitely a must for fans of the original game and the Metroid franchise in general. The game was first released for the Game Boy Advance all the way back in 2004, but was only made available to European players last year in 2015. And up until this point, the most  North American fans could do was stare at their European counterparts with envy. Seething envy.

Metroid: Zero Mission has often been praised for its atmosphere, refreshing presentation, replayability and strong, solid gameplay. Some fans have even claimed that it might be the best Metroid game released since the original.

And just so you know, the Metroid series will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! We can only wonder what Nintendo may have up their sleeve to commemorate such a big event, if they have any to begin with. The best we can do is wait with our butts hanging off the edge of our seats at this point. We’re hoping Samus’ 30th “birthday” celebration will at least be something as big as what SEGA is doing for Sonic’s 25th.

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