New features and additional content are coming to Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer mode for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, as Konami Digital Entertainment has just announced an upcoming DLC called Cloaked in Silence.

Konami has promised players three new maps, a new playable character, and a new unique feature in Cloaked in Silence. These new updates are added in the DLC to show how much Konami wants players to have an awesome gaming experience in Metal Gear Online.

Cloaked in Silence welcomes a character known for her great accuracy, hitting up targets at very large distances. Her abilities include high-speed movement which allows her to jump over areas that normally require ladder usage and the ability to cloak her visibility as she sprints. Joining Cloaked in Silence is the legendary sniper, Quiet. Metal Gear Online will see her on the field soon.

Metal Gear Online is also getting three new maps, each featuring a unique set up allowing players to adopt different play styles in each area.  These three maps will become known as: Azure mountain, Coral Complex, and Rust Palace.

Azure Mountain, also known as the Cradle of Spirits, is a mountain set on African plains covered with debris, devastated buildings and broken walls for cover.

Coral Complex, a place where players can choose to either run or hide. This map is set with a number tall towers and storage containers that players can choose to hide in or on, and other areas open to exploration. Coral Complex is said to have a Motherbase Environment.

Rust Palace is located in Afghanistan and is set inside a building with many floors and open areas.  The map also has a lot of places for players to position themselves for sniping.

Cloaked in Silence will also include a new feature called Appeal Action. Similar to other multiplayer online games, Metal Gear Online will be getting unique character poses named Appeal Action. These unique poses will be available as micro-transactions, and five of these can be equipped per character.


Finally, A new mission will also be added with the Metal Gear Online update. This mission is called Sabotage wherein players are tasked to destroy their enemies missile, but to get to this, they have to get through obstacles. Similarly, players will also need to protect their own missile.

An exact date is yet to be announced for Cloak in Silence and the new mission, but it rumoured to arrive in March 2016.