Rise up this February because Mad Catz Interactive Inc. has just announced today that they have started shipping their new line of Street Fighter V fighting game controllers. Along with the global launch of Street Fighter V, the new fighting game controllers from Mad Catz are set to hit retail store shelves on February 16, 2016.

Mad Catz Interactive Inc has four different fighting game controllers ready for players all over the world.

These awesome game controllers are compatible for both PS3 and PS4, and all have a touchpad features in them. Each game controller is equipped with its own stylish design, high-quality components, unique features, and the ability to give an array of gamers, from casual players to competitive professionals, the fighting game experience they deserve!


First off we’ve got the Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha. They say great things comes in small packages, and the FightStick Alpha has come to prove that theory right. Although it has a compact design, the FightStick Alpha genuinely has the same layout of an original arcade stick with its six buttons properly scaled. This allows players to play anywhere, carrying their arcade stick with ease but maintaining the feel of an original arcade stick. Mad Catz Interactive Inc described this as small in size but big on function.

Next up is an arcade stick with the genuine arcade layout of 8 action buttons, and this time, it’s in the lining of a legendary arcade stick name. Introducing the Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2+! This game controller makes customization far easier for gamers as its chassis hinges can be opened, its bezel and top panel can be removed, and it even includes its very own screwdriver. This arcade stick encourages players all around to modify their arcade sticks to their liking. FightStick TE 2+ even includes L3 and R3 buttons to enhance people’s gaming experience.

The third game controller Mad Catz Interactive Inc. has got to offer is the Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S+. Taking on a classic form of the original arcade FightStick, this arcade stick has Sanwa Denshi parts that are built to endure the tides of battles. There’s also a 3-way button that allows gamers to make the joystick function as either a left or right analog stick or a D-pad. This feature enables the arcade stick game controller to be used in different gaming genres.

Last but not least, there’s the Street Fighter V FightPad PRO! Take gaming to a whole new level with this completely innovative game controller. It has a six button arcade layout with a D-pad and analog stick for players to use. The D-pad is designed with eight directions to allows gamers to input difficult attack motions with ease! Not only that, the FightPad PRO also lets players choose between the D-Pad, analog or touchpad. Talk about getting yourself comfy!


Want to know more about this awesome line up of game controllers? You can check them out on Mad Catz Interactive Inc’s official website right here or have a look below for the pricing at Amazon.