With the abundance of information pouring out of E3 there’s one thing that’s clear about LEGO Dimensions, it’s here to stay! About to enter year 2 of its time in the market, TT Games are committed to proving that there is still plenty of life within the unique Toys-2-Life genre, hoping to capitalise further on not 5 or 10, but 16 new TV/Movie franchises as they bring them into the world of LEGO Dimensions.  Today, we’ll explore the popular Lego Dimension video game and help you determine if LEGO Dimensions is worth buying, either for yourself, or as entertainment for your kids.

What is LEGO Dimensions?

stay puffed in lego street with ghostbusterFor those who have been living under a rock or trapped within some form of nuclear bunker (welcome back by the way!), LEGO Dimensions is TT Games’ take on the Toys-2-Life gaming genre akin to other franchises such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity. What makes LEGO Dimensions different however, is its ability to encourage players to build, break and repeat with all of their favourite vehicles and characters from many established franchises, crossing them between ‘Dimensions’ as they do so.

The gameplay present in LEGO Dimensions doesn’t veer away too far from what gamers have come to traditionally expect from a licensed LEGO game, with the very unique exception of the Toys-2-Life game’s gateway portal. The portal acts as the buildable base in which the characters in-game are able to travel through in order to reach many of the said dimensions. Rather than simply placing a character on to summon them in-game however, LEGO Dimensions will have you lifting, swapping and tapping the portal in such a way that makes sense in the story and for some nifty gameplay.

LEGO Dimensions itself is full of fun references and homages to various franchises such as Doctor Who, Batman, Ghostbusters and even The Simpsons. These IPs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the worlds you’ll experience when attempting to save the universe in LEGO Dimensions, always keeping gamers surprised and guessing about where they’ll visit and smash through next.

What’s in the box?

lego dimension start pack all consolesWhen picking up the LEGO Dimensions starter pack, it’s vital that you know how much content you’ll be getting right out of the box. Right off the bat players can expect a fully-fledged 10-15-hour campaign that is completely original in terms of story, being much more interesting than the by the numbers plot of a film series usually on offer. What’s more, the campaign itself is much meatier than the ones available in each respective IP’s solo games, shaking things up with each level being much more inventive than the last.

As well as this you’ll receive Gandalf, Batman and Wyldstyleminifigures, the Batmobile vehicle and of course the portal gateway ready for you to build. Overall it’s a generous offering to get you started, striking the perfect balance between a rich amount of content whilst still tempting players to dip into their pocket and buy another cheeky expansion pack to experience more.

Level packs, Team packs, fun packs and (soon to be) Story packs

lego dimension expanson packsIt’s important for those wrestling with the idea of buying LEGO Dimensions to be aware of the form in which you’ll be expected to purchase more content. No it’s not through traditional DLC, but rather a range of various physical LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that include Level packs, Team packs, fun packs and (as recently revealed at this E3) Story packs.

Level packs come at the most expense but also provide the most content and value, providing players with a new character, item and vehicle as well as that all important new level which takes place in that franchise’s respected world. Currently available are level packs such as Portal 2, Doctor Who and more, as well as future planned levels covering Adventure time and Mission: Impossible.

Team packs and Fun packs provide minifigures and items provided in the traditional level packs, except without the level (who’s have guessed?) instead giving you between 1 and 2 new characters whilst still allowing access to that franchise’s specific world in which you can explore. Want to traverse the land of Oz in the Mystery machine, explore Hobbiton on the back of a dalek? Say no more!

New on the agenda for year 2 comes in the form of new Story packs, with Ghostbusters being the only franchise yet confirmed in this variant. Story packs differ from level packs in the sense that they’ll provide a whole new campaign in which to venture through, whilst also giving you additional bricks in which to redesign your gateway portal so that it ties in more closely with the respective franchise. Who’s to say what other characters will get their own Story pack? Watch this space!

Should you buy it?

lego dimensions worth buying verdict

Buy Lego Dimensions

Ultimately LEGO Dimensions is a game where you’ll only get out what you are committed to putting in. Whilst the initial started pack comes with more than enough content in which to contend yourself with for the usual 15-hour campaign often found in games today, the hefty price tag can only really be justified for diehard LEGO fans or those looking to invest more.

One thing’s for certain, the guys and gals at LEGO and TT Games are fully dedicated to supporting the platform for a minimum of four years it has been expressed, meaning that if you decide to buy the LEGO Dimensions starter pack you won’t get left behind for a fair old while. With so many confirmed franchises, characters and licenses on pace to make an appearance, it’s this that’ll tempt you into the LEGO Dimensions eco-system rather than deep gameplay or an earth-shattering story.