Previously, we touched on the wonderfully trippy champion teaser trailer Riot released in early January, aptly titled “Min of the Virtuoso”. Now all of that has culminated in the big champion reveal. League of Legend players, meet your newest champion: Jhin, the Virtuoso.

In keeping with his rather artful trailer, Jhin moves slowly but with grace. We get the following tidbit from his official champion page.

Jhin’s assembling his gun and orchestrating his grand entrance onto the Rift. He’s meticulous and calculating – League’s slowest marksman yet. But when the murderous artist gets you in his sights, when he catches you off-guard, there’s not much that’ll save you from an inevitable, perfect death.

It appears that Jhin makes up for his status as the roster’s “slowest marksman yet” with deadly precision. Other players will have to watch themselves and stay vigilant around this new fighter, who is more than capable of catching the unwitting and the unobservant off guard. His complex playstyle might be perfect for calculating players who like to take their time strategizing and setting up traps as opposed to rushing into battle headfirst. We can assume that he is going to be one complex champion to tackle, but the payoff might merit the time and skill needed.

Named after his gun, Whisper is Jhin’s listed passive ability. It grants him a 4-bullet ammo scheme, but he will have to pause for a bit after four basic attacks to reload. The delay is worth it, though, because the fourth shot out of Whisper is a guaranteed critical hit. How much damage said crit hit will deal depends on how much of the enemy’s health is left.

At the moment, Riot is keeping quiet about when Jhin will be taking up a slot on the League of Legends roster, although players can probably expect him to be playable after a few weeks to a little under a month while things get polished, if earlier release windows by Riot are anything to go by.

If you’re looking for more in-depth information on the Virtuoso, everything you need to know can be found on their official page.

What do you think? Will Jhin cause even more raging among League of Legends players? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!