What do we do when we fail? We start over. Now the time has come to finish it.

Over the past few years there have been an abundant number of horror games across different gaming platforms. This year, gamers will get a taste of the terrifyingly beautiful and long awaited game by Bloober Team and Aspyr , Layers of Fear.

February 16, 2016– Today, Layers of Fear is officially released for PC, Xbox One and PS4. To celebrate the release of Layers of Fear, developer Bloober Team set up a launch trailer to let gamers know that they’ve just unleashed their masterpiece. Have a look at the trailer above!

Because of its successful Early Access, Layers of Fear not only obtained a huge amount of fans everywhere, but also gained a lot of feedback, comments, and ideas that greatly influenced the final version of the game. Bloober Team has been very thankful of this, indicating that it was both their work and the players that shaped the game into what it is now.

It’s not just another horror on the market; Layers of Fear is a kind of personal journey, a unique experience for everyone willing to play it.

said Bloober Team in a letter for fans and the media. Bloober Team was so happy about the overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and gamers that they’ve even put up a letter to thank everyone. Although aware that some don’t quite agree with Layers of Fear being a total masterpiece, Bloober Team still wants to invite everyone to play the game. In their letter, the developers said that Layers of Fear is designed to be a unique experience for each gamer, so deciding if one likes it or not will depend on how they play it out.

Layers of Fear is not yet available in some regions for the PSN, but Bloober Team would like everyone to know that they will be working on this immediately.