In times of peace, never forget that danger can be lurk around any corner — As of yesterday, February 9th, 2016, Parabole’s Kona: Day One became available for players in GOG’s Games in Development Program.

Set in a cold rural community in 1970, you play as a private detective named Carl Faubert. As Carl, you’ll explore a northern village engulfed by a menacing and dangerous snow storm in order to solve an easy yet high paying case. Your client, W. Hamilton, a rich copper mine magnate, claims that the people of the Cree community have been involved in acts of delinquency, including theft and vandalization of his manor. But there are two sides to every story, and the people of Cree inform you that W. Hamilton is destroying their sacred lands for the sake of profit.


Kona: Day One is a first person action adventure which mixes mystery, puzzle solving, and action. Players will find themselves immersed in this modern survival game, designed with an interactive and engaging story, and puzzle-solving gameplay.

More updates will be added to Kona: Day One as it starts its early access to players. In this time period, forums will be opened for players to submit comments, feedbacks, suggestions, and even bug reports. Development team, Parabole , is hoping that Kona: Day One will be able to launch by March this year with the following statement on their website:

We do hope that the early access timeline will be as short as possible so that we can finally deliver the game you’ve been waiting for!

The game is currently available for PC with a 33% discount on the GOG website. For those who have already pre-ordered Kona, you will receive a GOG key for your copy of the game, as well as a Steam Key and one console version once they’re available.

Tune in for more updates and news on Kona: Day One, found on their official website.