With the KI World Cup finished, and season 3 coming, Microsoft introduces a new addition to the Killer Instinct Roster. Kim Wu, a character from Killer Instinct 2, makes a comeback with her fiery attitude and kicks.

Kim Wu was first revealed during the Killer Iinstinct World Cup, showing a teaser of what her game play would be like. On normal, Kim doesn’t have any projectiles herself but she has the ability to reflect ones from her enemies. Once Kim is on instinct, she is able to throw projectiles similar to Spinal.

Along with eight other characters, Kim is set to come out on season three’s launch this coming March 2016 on Xbox One and PC.

She is the second character confirmed to come out, following Rash, a none Killer Instinct character. Microsoft also released a trailer for Kim, showing off her moves, her design, and over all character.

Just when you think its over, Microsoft surprises us with a short teaser for a possible guest character on Killer Instinct. Arbiter from Halo is seen at the end of Kim’s trailer, preparing his weapon as he walks to the battlefield. His game play and style is still a mystery.  This is the definition of a teaser!