Explore ancient China and uncover its mysteries and secrets as Origin gives away Jade Empire: Special Edition for free!

As a student aiming to become a Martial Arts master, you are given a choice to choose between the paths of two styles: the open palm or the closed fist. Your choices and actions determine what consequences await you, and what fate it brings to the Jade Empire. Will you choose to become the entire land’s hero and prevent utter chaos from happening? Or will you choose to be the one to set it all to flames?

Developed by Bioware Corp, Jade Empire was one of the best award winning games of 2007. It is a third-person action role-playing game which gives you the freedom to choose your destiny in a world filled with Martial Arts. You are given an ample number of non-playable-characters to interactive with, making way for the choose-your-destiny theme of the game. Jade Empire was very well received at the time with customization for physical looks, clothes, primary statistics (Body, Mind and Spirit), and fighting styles.  As the game progresses more attributes unlock allowing for weapon selection, and acquisition of new magical abilities and transformation styles to use on enemies. Non-playable characters also provide side quests which can be completed in exchange for experience points and items.  All these features makes the gaming experience more personal, and enabled players to choose their own path, and story along with it.

What Jade Empire did so well is setting background stories and story developments between the other characters around the player making the game more realistic and less robotic.

Compared to the original Jade Empire game, this edition has improved graphics, increased resolutions, and has added several new visual effects. Other changes from the original is the new world map interface with smoother design, additional Martial art styles, new weapons and monsters, and upgraded AI.

Jade Empire: Special Edition is available to download on Origin at NO cost, yes it’s free! Be aware that this offer ends tomorrow.