The 2014 video game Destiny has had its fair share of both fans and detractors during the past year. Though a commercial success, the game has had a lot of flaws according to critics: it was most notably being criticized for its passable storyline as well as being considered a generally unsolid first-person shooter. Nevertheless, Destiny still gathered a solid fan base, sometimes even coming from the adepts of Halo, and if some of them believe now that the game would benefit from a breeze of freshness and novelty, a big part are remaining faithful. However, the gaming community is now starting to second-guess the future of its community, as a new Ubisoft role-playing game, Tom Clancy’s The Division is on its way for a March 2016 release. Not only is this game very promising-looking, it also shares a few similarities with Destiny.

Tom Clancy's The Division VS Destiny The Game

So what is Destiny lacking? Bungie’s 2014 game is an anomaly among role-playing games, is it not a conventional massively multiplayer game. With its matchmaking system, it sets itself to be a very unique and fresh piece that would give gamers something that would differ from what they already know. Not only that, but the fact that they are mixing an MMO-type game with first-person shooting was something the fans appreciated.

Destiny is most definitely an imperfect game and it is easy to find out what fans like and dislike about the video game. If the story is not necessarily the main focus of gamers alike, it remains important for its gameplay to be interesting. With shooting games, that will most definitely include a wide and interesting range of weapons, which is something that Destiny doesn’t necessarily manage to do. On top of that, fans have had a few complaints here and there over specific issues such as teams being randomly broken up in a match, promised content that remains unreleased or an overall lack of communication by the studio.

Though Destiny does have its quality and remains an enjoyable game, its community is slowly losing their enthusiasm for it and a few are feeling let down by Bungie.

What fans are looking for is something new and fresh, some content to be excited over while keeping the same universe the fans grew to know and love. For fans, the game needs not only more story – perhaps by releasing new DLC – but also new weapons, armor and vehicles.

On the opposite end, Tom Clancy’s The Division seems to be making a few promises. Set in New York, The Division is set for a March 2016 release. And though it is not widely available to the public yet, it currently benefits from a beta release. Considering how easy it is to find some gameplays and reviews about the game online coming from those with early access, a lot of fans have noticed an ongoing comparison of these two games from critics and players alike.

third person view in Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division does have a few elements differentiating him from Destiny: it is a third-person game with a more post-apocalyptic approach to its sci-fi story and has a more classical approach to the role-playing genre, more specifically with its PvP system. While PvP in Destiny happens in a separate place and is closer to its FPS roots, Tom Clancy’s The Division, like most MMOs, will let players decide if they want to fight the potential opponents they meet or if they want to pass.

What fans keep in mind both from the beta and the gameplay is that Tom Clancy’s The Division is promising: whether The Division is worth buying will soon be determined. Not only is it exciting for them to receive another sci-fi multiplayer shooting game, it could mean something new for Ubisoft after their recent downfall with the Assassin’s Creed series. However, it is also exactly this factor that makes a few of them doubt: a lot of people have lost faith in Ubisoft and are not sure they can make a game as entertaining as Destiny, even with the new content it would feature.

Whether Tom Clancy’s The Division is trying to be a new Destiny is not a sure thing, but the community is most definitely keeping an eye on Tom Clancy’s The Division and getting excited. A lot of the Destiny fan base, though faithful to the Bungie game, are set on trying Tom Clancy’s The Division and are excited not only for a new version of their favorite game but for a piece that would potentially change the game for Ubisoft and set the way for better games. However, a few of them remain a bit skeptic as to the quality of the upcoming game and feel like it could be a hype that will die out eventually after its release, especially considering its developers past.

Will Tom Clancy’s The Division be more successful than Destiny? Only time will tell.