With The Valkyria Chronicles Remaster now available on the PlayStation 4, fans and new players might be wondering if the Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remaster is Worth Buying.

In order to help you decide if the Valkyria Chronicles PlayStation 4 Remaster is worth it, we compiled a short summary of yesterday’s (May 17th, 2016) remastered PlayStation 4 video game release.

What could have been

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Long after its initial release in 2008, Valkyria Chronicles remains a well-loved classic amongst JRPG and RTS fans alike, often regarded as one of the best titles of the PS3 era. Following the popular recent trend of everything old being new again however, is the Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster worth buying, or did this feel unnecessary given the recent PC port and older releases?

Despite its acclaim, Valkyria Chronicles was not given the attention it deserved upon the initial western release and as a result, felt more like a cult classic as opposed to a renowned favorite of the generation. It didn’t help matters when the following sequels in the franchise fell into PSP exclusivity or simply never made a return to the western gaming world. Luckily for fans and curious new comers alike, the original game was ported to PC for a steam release back in 2014, which no doubt lead to making the shiny new Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster a reality.

What is Valkyria Chronicles?

For those not in the know, Valkyria Chronicles takes place in the land of Europa during an historically alternate World War l and World War ll themed conflict between two superpowers, the Federation and the Empire. Caught quite literally in the middle of this power struggle is the small nation of Gallia, a peaceful country that has always strived to remain neutral despite its small size and influence. Unfortunately for its people however, Gallia holds an important strategical position due its abundant sources of ragnite, a precious resource used for fuel and power in most technologies. As the Empire begins to push Europa into war, Gallia has to take a stand for its freedom, and is thrown into all-out war.

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Gameplay wise Valkyria Chronicles is a rather unique mix of many interesting concepts and mechanics. Combat is the real meat of the gameplay and as such, most of the mechanics tie towards improving how you do during those encounters. This includes building your own squads of unique soldiers, researching and developing new gear and training and leveling your squad through combat experience. Players will take control of Welkin, Squad 7’s new leader, as you command your handpicked team around the battlefield in a mix of turn-based combat and third-person shooting controls. This on top of mastering each unique classes strengths and weakness, as well as managing weapons, equipment and your own tank, make for an interesting time to say the least.

Outside of combat Valkyria Chronicles is a heavily story driven game, told mostly through cut scenes and dialogue between the characters similar to a visual novel. The beautiful art style of the game only lends itself to enhancing that unique style the game brings across.

What does the PS4 remaster bring?

In terms of what the PlayStation 4 Valkyria Chronicles remaster brings to the table, It’s clearly a massive improvement of its original PS3 title. Running at a smooth 60 FPS and 1080p the new version has cleaner visuals and boasts several graphical improvements, on top of quicker loading times and all the various improvements you would expect from bringing an older title into 2016. Aside from the improvements to the game itself, the remaster also includes all the DLC previously released included as a package deal. As a neat little package, it’s clearly leagues above what it was on the last generation.

game with steel case special editionIf we’re talking about comparison though, we have to mention to the more recent PC port. While the new PS4 remaster boasts several improvements, it’s hard to really find a clear cut different in quality compared to its steam counterpart. Of course, how good your PC is, often comes down to personal experience, but for the sake of argument a decent enough PC handles the game with no particular issue. While the PS4 remaster does offer some slightly improved textures and shading, it’s not a large enough difference to make you lament owning the PC port. All in all, the PS4 remaster is definitely a respectable improvement on an older title, but it doesn’t out league its recent PC port by much.

Should you buy it?

Ultimately it comes down to the question of whether or not the Valkyria Chronicles PS4 remaster is worth buying, and honestly, it depends on you. While Valkyria Chronicles has been given a nice new coat of paint, it’s still the same game it was. If you would prefer to play the game on PC, or already did during its release, then by all means you can play the steam PC port without really missing anything.

If that’s not a concern however, or you simply wanted a remastered Valkyria Chronicles on the PS4 after so long, or maybe you’re even a newcomer to the series, then it’s still the same great game that it was now looking and playing better than ever and certainly worth buying.