Originally revealed as a separate multiplayer mode to be included with Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS shooter Metroid Prime: Federation Force, Blast Ball is a simple and easy competitive sports game within the Metroid universe that is somewhat of a surprise to many but is Metroid Prime: Blast Ball worth playing?

The objective is simple, get the ball in the opposing team’s net – instead this time rather than kicking the ball (this is space after all), you get to blast the thing with everything you’ve got whilst piloting a robot mech.

For those worried about paying for an experience that isn’t very deep and isn’t blessed with a wealth of online game modes and customisable options, you can rest comfortably knowing that Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is currently free to download. This not only gives players interested in checking out Federation Force later on this year a sense of what that game will play like, but also means that you have nothing to lose by simply trying it out.

One of Metroid Prime: Blast Ball’s biggest positives is that it plays like a dream. Whereas the 3DS is by no means the best place to play a first person shooter, Blast Ball’s main 3v3 competitive mode doesn’t demand too much in terms of reaction or twitch-based gameplay, instead rewarding those who can shoot the ball on exactly the right angle. Using the 3DS unique gyro-scope feature, whenever the right shoulder button is held down you’ll be able to freely place your reticle anywhere on the ball so as to achieve a perfect spin, scoring a goal worthy of a photo finish.

Metroid Prime Blast Ball gameplayOf course as with most newly released 3DS games released within the past few months, your play experience will largely depend on what version of the 3DS you choose to play on. Those who dipped for the New 3DS will appreciate the subtle integration of the C-stick which in Blast Ball is used to move the game’s camera up and down to gain a better perspective. Much like Rocket league, you’ll be able to lock your camera on the ball so as never to lose sight of it on the relatively small playing field, giving you the best chance possible to score no matter how close or far you choose to shoot at it.

Speaking of Rocket League, you’re obviously not going to get an experience as deep as that on such a fairly underpowered handheld system, yet what’s on offer here is a fun little downloadable package that is still capable to provide hours of eSports fun wrapped in a franchise that most people love and adore.

Overall, Metroid Prime: Blast Ball is a game that nobody asked for, but at the same time it’s a game that you have nothing to lose by downloading. It provides 3DS players with a unique competitive play style in an experience that cannot easily be found on the system, capturing some of the magic the likes of Rocket League and Rigs seek to provide.

If you’re someone looking forward to Federation Force later this year and are interested to see how it will play, you should download Blast Ball if only to mess around with. Those wanting to dust off their 3DS for a free title capable of providing a few hours fun with friends should also check it out too!