Are you a Persona fan? Have you ever wanted to dress in clothing inspired by characters from Persona 4 such as Chie Satonaka and Teddie? Thanks to the website Insert Coin, you and your friends can wear gear from the Persona 4 clothing line including (but not limited to) uniforms from Yasogami High, the school in which the investigation team met and began to solve the mystery of the Midnight Channel!

Fans of Persona 4 can wear shirts with the Junes logo on them, a design around the Midnight Channel, or even wear a shirt with the same symbol on it as Kanji always wears. Additionally, you can purchase Chie’s Jacket and pins designed like the badges she wears in-game alongside her jacket. These outfits (the Kanji shirt and the Chie gear in particular) are perfect for cosplay or simply just to represent your favorite characters. Additional gear that can be purchased around Persona 4 is a shirt with Teddie on it, Yasogami High shirts and jackets, as well as a bundle with character tees and jackets that can be purchased together for a discounted price.

Teddie from Persona 4

Gamers can also go to Insert Coin for gear from a variety of other gaming franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Life is Strange, Hotline Miami, and hopefully in the future Persona 5. There are also fan-favorite retro franchises involved such as Banjo Kazooie, Pac-Man, Rayman, and Sonic the Hedgehog. My personal favorite of the available merchandise is a set of clothing based on the game Okami (created by Clover Studios who became Platinum Games.)

The beauty of all of Insert Coin’s merchandise is that it allows gamers like you and me to purchase merchandise based on incredible gaming experiences that we might not be able to find wearable merchandise for anywhere else. If I want to leave the house wearing an Amaterasu shirt then Insert Coin makes that possible. By the same principle, Insert Coin also allows you to leave the house in a Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone scarf, or leggings designed around Sonic Levels (did I mention the Dr. Robotnik pajama pants?)

Insert Coin also provides women’s sizes for all of their merchandise as well as sizes for Men. However the sizes do differ; Men’s sizes go all the way up to a 3XL size while the women’s sizes only go to an XL size. This means that if you are a lovely lady that likes clothing that is a bit baggy (or you maybe just wanna wear something big and comfy around the house) you might want to buy a men’s size instead.

Either way Insert Coin provides a variety of game franchise merchandise from both current franchises and classic franchises; while I’d love to see even more variety appear (such as Bayonetta shirts or pajama pants) I love what Insert Coin is doing and greatly support the opportunity for people to show their support for their favorite games by wearing shirts, jackets and pants to represent them.

You can check out the Persona 4 merchandise here at Insert Coin.