NetherRealm Studios really outdid themselves with Injustice: Gods Among Us. The chance to fight as the most prominent heroes and villains of the DC universe was simply too good to pass up for any comic-book fan and gamer.

A little less horrific than the studio’s first game— the Mortal Kombat reboot, Injustice provided a characters and a story as fun and fantastically ludicrous as only a comic book video game can provide. Now, as we pass the middle of 2016 (yes, already!), a new video game title has been announced: Injustice 2.

The seemingly darker sequel to the 2013 video game. For those who enjoyed Injustice, you’ve plenty of reasons to get excited for this, not least of all, the new roster you and your gaming partner will be able to choose from. As of yet, there’s little information about the available characters, other than Supergirl, Superman, Batman and Aquaman as wel as Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus. So who are you hoping will show up to fight in Injustice 2? Here’s a list of some of the DC characters who might make fantastic champions in the new Injustice video game.

  1. Starfire 

starfire from dc comicsThe founding members of the Justice League were the obvious stars of the video game, but some of the characters belonged to a different group: The Titans. We saw Cyborg and Raven done well and now we hope that NetherRealm will include the rest of them, like Starfire, the alien princess who can shoot huge blasts of energy from her hands and shake entire cities with a punch. She might be a lesser known character compared to the likes of Batman and Superman, but her inclusion would definitely make sense in a game that pits all powerful beings against one another, plus, she was already mentioned in the Injustice comics, so why not include her in the Injustice 2 roster?

  1. Beast Boy

beast boy with hand in front of himSpeaking of the Titans, Beast Boy, or Changeling, as he is sometimes called, was also included in the comics although in them, he died. Seeing as how it was a comic book, and he’d make a fantastic fighting character, his death in the storyline shouldn’t matter. Just bring Beast Boy back to life and let us pummel our opponents as mammoths and killer whales.

  1. Poison Ivy 

poisen ivy in comicThere were quite a few characters from Batman’s rogues gallery included in the first game, among them were Joker, Harley Quinn, and (of all people) Bane. A seductive, powerful, agrokinetic villain would be a force to be reckoned with in a game like Injustice. Giant plants would burst forth from the ground to poison, strangle, or devour her opponents. It would be beautiful and violently satisfying at the same time. 

  1. Metallo

metallo holding supermanSeeing as how there are quite a few of the Dark Knight’s foes already, how about one belonging to Superman? Doomsday is a fun enough character— punching your opponent through the Earth itself in the span of three seconds will never grow old, but there are more worthy villains to choose from, which is something to consider when you’re designing a fighting game featuring a superhero as ridiculously powerful as Superman. Metallo for instance, has great powers: he can absorb any metallic object and morph weapons from his limbs, all the while powered by his kryptonite heart. He’s quite literally, a soulless killing machine and would be a great addition to the Injustice 2 roster.

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