Minecraft, the block-graphic sandbox where you build your imagination, has long become a hit among adults and children alike since its release back in October 2011. After it skyrocketed into the big leagues, competitors have released games like Terraria, Eden: World Builder, Block story, and Minetest which have been observed to be very similar in nature. Lego has also made its very own version called Lego World, which is still in its final development stages. This game takes on a world built of Lego bricks and is available on early access.

But out of all these games and titles, is there really one single game worth being called Minecraft’s rival?

Despite having all this competition, noting that these games have more improved graphics and features, Minecraft still reigns as number one. So what really makes this game top of its game? We’ve got a few theories as to why this might be.

1. Stretches its audience to all ages


Minecraft has successfully become a game for both children AND adults.  Kids can create their very own fantasy world filled with anything that comes to mind, whilst adults can do exactly the same!

2. Freedom given to players


Minecraft is a place where players are given the freedom to build whatever they desire.  A pirate ship? Why not?

3. Mods


Who doesn’t like mods?  The amount of mods available in Minecraft is immense and gives players a different perspective of the game.  If you are tired of one setting why not try a mod for a whole new experience.

4. Minecraft’s responsive team


The community is pleased with how Minecraft’s team handles their questions and concerns. Fans have said that developer Mojang listened to feedback and successfully integrated this in future updates, which leads us to our next point.

5. Constant Updates


There have been a lot of updates for Minecraft, which have improved the overall experience in this blocky world. Minecraft updates aren’t just for tweaking stats or adding new maps.  No No, Minecraft adds in new concepts and mechanics often result in newer gameplay. The game speaks for itself; Minecraft is open to growing and self-progression.

6. First of its kind


Ever heard of First Mover Advantage? Being the first of its kind definitely has its advantages.  More importantly, is how Minecraft has been uniquely developed, and it’s possible that this uniqueness that cannot be found in similar games. Fans have become loyal to the king of blocks, Minecraft.

Will Minecraft stay on top forever or will there be a game to rival this amazing experience?