Start Life-Tapping deck masters! Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft February ranked play season is now live! Now is an awesome time to show off your skills in ranked play; never fail to be decisive and dominate your foes!

But hey, you know how Blizzard goes; they always have a sweet surprise for you! They have unveiled a new card back and it looks fantastic. Wait now, what is it? We’re talking about the Thunder Bluff card back (that looks really cool along with your Totem Shaman deck)!


Just in case you didn’t know, card backs are well, the back of your cards. Collecting such items in the game kind of proves how passionate you are for Hearthstone (might as well brag about it to your friends coz dude, it’s Hearthstone).

How can you obtain it though? To add the Thunder Bluff card back to your neat collection, climb your way up to at least rank 20 in ranked play mode. You will then receive the Thunder Bluff card back at the end of February’s ranked play season.

Be mindful – the higher you move up to the ladder of ranked play, the higher the stars you can get next season. Bonus stars are received depending on your performance on the last season (one bonus star per rank you attained). Note that even if bonus stars got you to rank 20 or above from the previous season, you still need to log in at least once for each ranked season to qualify for the card back.

What are you guys waiting for? Stop reading and start playin’!

Hearthstone is available for Windows, OS X, iPad, Android Tablets and both iOS and Android smart phones.