Two new characters that have been added to the Super Smash Bros roster.

Our first challenger carries four guns, two on her hands and two on her killer black stilettos. Her abilities consist of fighting long range with her weapons, face-to-face combat, an array of mix ups, and various magic summoned by her glorious hair. From the land of Umbra Witches and black magic comes the ever playful and charming Bayonetta!


Bayonetta’s move set consists mainly of her basic weapon combos, mixing up her punches and kicks both in the air and ground. They also include moves where she summons gigantic punches or kicks, summoning huge demons, and best of all, Bayonetta’s witch time. Players can choose between two of Bayonetta’s designs. One coming from the first game where she has longer hair, and the other from the second where her hair is shorter, and her costume is modified.

Next up comes a hero who is confused as to whether he should side with his adoptive family, the kingdom of Nohr, or with his real family. In the midst of being baffled with this life changing decision, he chooses to join Super Smash Bros! From the Fire Emblem series is Corrin.


Corrin’s abilities and move set mainly revolves around his one hand sword combat, and his ability to transform into a dragon. In Super Smash Bros, Corrin wields Yato, his sword, on its final form called the Omega Yato. A plus to having Corrin in the Super Smash Bros roster is that players can choose to play him as his original male form or as a female version of himself.

Besides new characters, Super Smash Bros also presents us with the sixth wave of Mii fighter costumes! These new costumes are:

Takamaru (Sword Fighter)
Bionic Armor (Brawler)
Ashley (Sword Fighter)
Knuckles (Brawler)
Tails (Gunner)
Gil (Sword Fighter)