Some trophies are super easy to obtain – and then, there are the impossibly hard PS4 trophies. Just like Pokemon, PlayStation gamers have an unexplainable obsession with collecting every last trophy, no matter the cost.

If you haven’t stayed up till 2am, grinding out kills for Resistance 2’s multiplayer PS4 trophy… you’re probably a sane, well-reasoned human being, and I applaud you.

But, the thing is, we trophy hunters are often not well-reasoned, or sane – because we did stay up till 2am, and we did get 10,000 kills. Mini high-five. We’re proud of our ability to overcome the toughest of odds to unlock that PSN-treat that pops up as a trophy, and the there’s no finer display of our perseverance and commitment than the following few hardest PS4 trophies. If you have these on your mantle, display them proudly – because somebody is bound to care!

  1. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends Truly Awesome hardest PS4 trophies

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Trophy: Truly Awesome!
Description: Reach the final level of Awesomeness

The number one golden rule of trophy hunting; games that look cartoony and friendly will usually stretch your patience to the limit. And unfortunately for us trophy-hunters, 2013’s Rayman Legends finely embodies this notion more than most with one of the hardest PS4 trophies that will hopefully lead you the simultaneously unlocking the platinum PS4 trophy along with it.

In order to reach the final level of awesomeness and unlock Truly Awesome! PS4 trophy, you’ll have to obtain 6,000 points by completing challenges. Once you’ve collected every other trophy in Rayman Legends, you’ll be at 4,000 points, leaving 2,000 left to grind.

Sounds simple, you say!? How long is the grind? 15 or 20 hours? A day? Well, not quite. If you get a bronze cup in a challenge, you’ll get one point – if you get a diamond cup, you’ll get 50 points. So, that means that unless you’re capable of being in the top 1% of players every single day to get that diamond cup, the grind could feasibly take as long as 2,000 days. Yikes, good luck with that!

  1. Ratchet & Clank

Impossible Ratchet and Clank Death By Disco trophy

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Trophy: Death By Disco
Description: Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy

Continuing the theme of kid-friendly games with a devilish trophy edge, along comes Ratchet & Clank with one of the most poorly designed PlayStation trophies I’ve ever seen making it one of the hardest PS4 trophies to unlock.

Death by Disco is the name, and unless you have a photographic memory or some mad note-taking skills, this one will get on your nerves. You have to make every single enemy in the game dance by using the Groovitron weapon – but the thing is, there’s no way to track these enemies in-game, and some enemies only spawn once.

The sad realisation that you will have to start a brand new playthrough, just so you can make a passive-aggressive construction robot dance to some funky 90s disco music is a dire state of affairs, to put it lightly. Ratchet & Clank is a fine example of a largely easy platinum PS4 trophy that’s dented by one measly, hard bronze trophy.

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