Rockstar Games is hosting a live-stream for GTA Online to showcase the game’s newest update: Drop Zone Adversary Mode. The stream goes live on Twitch Friday (TODAY!), January 29th, 5:00PM EST.

GTA Online’s Drop Zone Adversary Mode will be the stream’s star; this freshly-released mode allows players to drop down from Cargobobs to race to a designated patch of land that has to be captured and defended in order to win. The mode will feature four teams of up to 16 players and looks to be fast-paced, high-adrenaline mayhem.

Youtube/ Twitch gamers TheGamingLemon, Slogomanify and Spamfish will be gracing the live-stream with their presence. Additionally, you can get a chance to take part in the Xbox One live-stream by replying to the following tweet with your Gamertag:

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