For all RPG fans out there, Spike Chunsoft’s has something special for you on June 17th (EU) / June 21st (US). Having already released in Japan last November, NIS America and Spike Chunsoft have come together to create a western localization for Grand Kingdom.

With the Four Great Nations fighting over the Resonail continent, an endless war has been happening since the fall of the once flourishing and powerful Uldein Empire. In the western version of Grand Kingdom battles are fought by mercenaries seeking payment rather than knights fighting for honor.  The player, a leader of a mercenary group, travels through a war struck land, navigates challenging obstacles, and fights enemies in a quest to discover the truth about the events that happened in the Uldein Empire over a hundred years ago.

Grand Kingdom is a 2D RPG that has a combination of tactics and real-time movement as its battle system. Each unit takes turns on the battlefield, but during a unit’s turn, players move in real time. Note that this real-time movement does have a action gauge which limits player movements for the turn, thus requiring some strategic input from players.

Game artist Chizu Hashii, highly respected for his work on the anime Blood +, has put a lot of effort into this game, and it shows! The game even has its own art book containing production sketches, notes, and final designs. Notably, Grand Kingdom is also directed by Tomohiko Deguchi who also directed another RPG called Grand Knights History.

But wait, there’s more! Players can customise their character during character creation and form their mercenary group to their liking! Once they’ve formed their group, players may choose which nations they’d like to form a contract with, thus waging war against all others. The game can be played both on your own offline, or online with other players.

Grand Kingdom will definitely be an interesting pick for any RPG fan and will be available for PS4 and PSVita.