GOG Cheap games

DRM-free game distribution website GOG holds game sales with some pretty cool deals every once in a while. They have weekly staff picks where you get an entire set of games for a low price. Also up on the site are weekend promos, which are the standard sales deal. More adventurous gamers willing to part with $3.00 can do so for a mystery game that isn’t in their library yet- this is a pretty good way to get something you’ve never tried out before for relatively cheap, especially if you’ve hit a roadblock with regards to what game to get next. This is the site to watch for the best deals on older gems and indie titles.


PlayStation flash sales

You can’t go wrong with Sony’s PlayStation Flash Sales! The sales themselves go up every month, usually with a theme tying together the games that receive rather sizable price cuts, some even going for up to 80% off. Games that usually cost $14.99-$19.99 get their prices cut down to about $4.

Game titles for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita are usually what’s included, so if you own any of them, keep an eye peeled for the sales.  Sometimes, even movies are added to the discounted games, which is perfect for movie buffs who want to get cheaper titles with their games. Flash sales usually occur on weekends, but not always.


Xbox Store sales

Xbox players need not despair because there are sales and specials held on Xbox Live almost every week. Xbox Live Gold members benefit most from these Xbox deals, and can save up to 50-75% on games with the exclusive Deals with Gold sales, where games get nearly half-off in price. Furthermore, they can also avail of free games every month with the Games with Gold deal.

Xbox players might also want to look out for Ultimate Sales, which are usually held 2-3 times a year. Holidays also seem to be big days for bargains, with last December’s Countdown Sale promising more than 200 Xbox deals. As usual, Xbox Live Gold members got to save the most, so getting one if you don’t have one yet might be a worthy investment.

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