Twitch started as some sort of experiment when it was released. The concept was simple: Get a camera, do something entertaining and stream it live. In all honesty, almost no one expected that Twitch would’ve contributed so much to the gaming industry. It was such an alienating concept that the company’s fate used to hang in the balance. Fast forward to the present and it’s become a standard platform for gamers who want to stream online and showcase their talents by either being good at a game or simply being entertaining to the viewers. Twitch is rich with all types of streamers and in this article, we will be listing down 5 of the funniest Twitch streamers for you to check out.


If you love watching funny streamers on Twitch, then I’m pretty sure you know the reason why he’s on our list. Simply put, Bikeman’s sense of “imagination” is too hilarious. He can role play anything that he likes while sounding funny. He can alter his voice while narrating one hilarious story. Bikeman is one of the funniest Twitch streamers around and definitely worth checking out. You can find his channel HERE.


Known for his funny raids in Activision’s first-person shooter Destiny, ProfessorBroman really knows how to tickle himself and his fans. His funny commentaries and hilarious raids make him a star for the Destiny fans. His words (or screams) are sometimes unpredictable that it turns out to be something golden. You can subscribe to ProfessorBroman’s Twitch channel HERE.

Colin and Greg

Formerly known as IGN personalities, this hilarious duo are definitely one of the funniest Twitch streamers and can stream on various games while making some of the most hilarious commentaries. Either by challenging themselves or simply making fun out of each other without holding back, Colin and Greg definitely has our funny bones captivated. You can find their Twitch channel HERE.


When gamers talk about the end of the world by the means of a zombie apocalypse, it’s usually exciting or fun. I mean, who’s holding back your imagination? SilentSentry however, takes both of that and puts life in that imagination with his wittingly funny twitch moments for both himself and his viewers (pole dance fail anyone?). Subscribe to his Twitch Channel HERE.


This one is technically not for the kids. This funny Twitch streamer is more for those who’d like to learn some “swag” tips, how to “disrespect” and ultimately winning games while laughing out loud, The King is for you to watch. Best known for his League of Legends stream, Trick2G is one of the funniest Twitch streamers out there and brings your ordinary ranked or normal games to life with his replay commentaries, loud laughs and (you guessed it) swearing. Note that his channel is intended for mature audiences. Subscribe to his Twitch channel HERE.

This concluded our list of the funniest Twitch streamers that you should check out. Who do you think is the funniest Twitch streamer? Feel free to let us know in the comments!