PewDiePie (or real name Felix Kjellberg) is the most subscribed user on YouTube with his YouTube channel currently sitting at 47 million subscribers.

In a recent YouTube video, PewDiePie confirmed that his now highly popular YouTube channel only really took off during his incredibly entertaining PewDiePie Amnesia horror playthrough series. As scary as Amnesia was for PewDiePie, the playthrough series did pay off, both in new YouTube subscribers, and more importantly in new PewDiePie bros.

PewDiePie has changed a lot since then, in a video titled OLD VS. NEW PEWDIEPIE! you’ll be able to see just how much.  Whether you like PewDiePie or not, its hard to not respect him for creating the PewDiePie brand, a brand that currently has more exposure than some major television shows.

It’s hard to say that these are THE 6 best and funniest PewdiePie video moments as everyone’s interpretation of funny is different so I will have to just say that these are my personal 6 funniest PewDiePie video moments. I am sure there a many other funny PewDiePie moments that I may have forgotten about over the years, add them in the comments if any come to mind!

  1. PewDiePie confuses punching for his trademarked BroFist – NERD RESPECT! – Bully – Part 2

PewDiePie’s now main symbol is the brofist, the brofist is how PewDiePie used to say farewell to his subscribers (his bros) at the end of each of his YouTube videos. The brofist has thus become a recognizable bro sign among the fans and has been in advertising the PewDiePie brand. While playing the game Bully (2006), PewDiePie discovers an option that looks vaguely similar to its famous brofist. Unfortunately, it turns out to be something slightly more serious… classic.

  1. Take the F***ING BEEF JERKY -Penumbra Overture – Penumbra Overture Part 6

This is a hilarious account of PewDiePie panicking over an in-game violent dog. After he has successfully cracked the code that he needed to open the door, PewDiePie enthusiastically continues playing. However, he quickly realizes the presence of a four-footed enemy that he had totally forgotten about and who immediately starts chasing him. Ensues a hilarious series of screams and panic on the behalf of the Swedish player who, in a desperate last attempt at escaping, starts throwing beef jerky at the animal.

  1. Cryaotic’s musical number ->DEADLY BROFISTS! – Pewds & Cry Plays: Bloody Trapland – Part 1

This one is kind of an indirect funny moment as it involves one of the gamer’s friends. PewDiePie is playing Bloody Trapland (2013) with friend and fellow YouTuber Cryaotic when he suddenly hears the doorbell ringing. The Swedish YouTuber excuses himself for a minute, leaving his friend to not only destroy PewDiePie’s character but to also improvise a musical number, unknowingly to its gaming partner.

  1. PewDiePie’s actual Tears -AMNESIA MADE ME CRY :'( – Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 2 – Killings InAltstadt

The earlier days of PewDiePie’s rise to YouTube fame were dominated by horror playthroughs, specifically the survival horror game Amnesia. Though usually acting goofy, playing around with furniture and sending very loud screams at any unfortunate monster he would encounter, it looks like, from time to time the frustration that comes with not beating the game, and the actual tension built up from horror, would get the best of the players and make PewDiePie cry actual tears.

  1. This game has NOPE written all over it -Nightmare House 2: Playthrough – Part 1 – THIS GAME IS SCARY ;_;

While playing Nightmare House 2 (2010), PewDiePie gets more and more nervous as creatures keep popping up to his face. The famous YouTuber’s usual response to stress in this situation is usually to start playing around and make loud jokes. Here, he starts calling around for the various ghosts and creatures to appear but then screams like a little girl when they do. PewDiePie then attacks them desperately while pushing some of his highest pitched screams ever. This just confirms the statement that he had made a few seconds before: “This game has nope written all over it”.

  1. A Ballsy girlfriend – MY GIRLFRIEND PLAYS AMNESIA (Valentines Day Special) – Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 2

My all time favourite PewDiePie video moment features Pewd’s girlfriend. The popular fashion YouTuber Marzia Bisognin, has been in a great deal of his videos, appearing more frequently throughout the years. They initially met when a friend of hers sent some of PewDiePie’s screamish horror videos her way, which she found to be so hilarious she had to message him. Considering her own love for creepy and gory horror movies, it is set from the get-go that she is better at handling these types of horror games than he would ever be, and this YouTube video proves it. While her boyfriend sounds very distressed and anxious over what’s going on in the horror game, Marzia appears to be very amused by his reactions and doesn’t look the least bit scared.